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A small problem for Atheism Plus
If you look on our main page, you'll see a link to Non-Believers Giving Aid. Notice the symbol they use? This might be a problem to the Atheism+ crowd.

This easily recognizable symbol has been the main focus for Non-Believers Giving Aid for some time now and is also part of a larger merchandising campaign to help with donations. With the divisive nature of this new group, will the campaign suffer from lack of sales? And those who have already purchased this wear...will they be less likely to don their A+ gear thus lowering the visibility of it? This could effectively slow donations and awareness.

It's easy to see how some would assume anyone wearing this were part of the new schism and not someone who donated to the charity.

Will this be a major issue for the Richard Dawkins Foundation? It's been rumored that some there may be just a little upset. It remains to be seen whether or not anything will come of it, though. It is my hope that there is a copyright issue and the NBGA campaign will be the only A+ images allowed. For those that read my previous post about copyright, I'm sure you'll see the funny irony in this.

Email your concerns to the RDF Store
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