Enemy of the State

I saw a picture this week that just won’t go away. It was taken to show the “security” measures being used to transport an American citizen, in an American military confinement facility, on American soil.

His vision and hearing were both restricted with darkened googles and earphones. Everytime he left his cell. Every time. It didn’t matter whether he was leaving the facility or not. Every time he left his cell, he had these devices placed on him. In essence, his solitary confinement followed him everywhere.

He is of course, Jose Padilla. Arrested in 2002, on charges of attempting to enter the U.S. in order to detonate a ‘dirty bomb’. He was held in solitary confinement and was subject to psycological torture, until earlier this year, when he was finally charged and moved to Florida. He was cleared of any conspiracy or involvement in the ‘dirty bomb’ conspiracy, and charged with different terror related conspiracy charges. With the new charges, I’ve read that the total time he could spend in prison wouldn’t be more than 15 years.

Which, if you’re Jose Padilla, wouldn’t sound too bad. Considering. The only problem now is his lawyers are claiming the years in solitary and the mental abuse he endured have greatly affected his ability to tell who is on his side, much less help in his own defense.

I would just like you to remember, he is an American citizen, arrested on American soil, held in solitary for almost 4 years on a complaint that was proven false.

The New American Justice.