Pictures by a friend

I was recently in contact with an old friend, on YahooIM, who had joined the military and ended up in San Jose,CA. Tonight I asked if he had any photos, meaning of him, but he sent me a link of some pictures he had taken around the San Francisco area awhile back. After clearing it up and getting a couple of recent pics of him, I spent some time looking at his other pictures.

Here is a picture taken at the Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park:

The angle of the Sun (midmorning/late afternoon?) really makes this a nice study in contrasts.

My other favorite from his picture page is one of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken from the Southwest.

There is so much in this photo. The clouds, the wide expanse of beach, the surf, the bridge itself. These pictures are really best seen in a larger format.

Please feel free to visit here to see these and more of Jasons pictures.