Religion under attack by ……gays?

From AP(Washington) Religious conservative leaders, sensing declining alarm over same-sex marriage, are warning that the debate over homosexuality has prompted attacks on religious freedom.

Whenever questions are raised about issues affecting more than just the religious, it soon turns into “A War on Christmas”, “A War on Easter”, “A War on …”, you get the point.

Our good friend, Tony Perkins has this to say:

“There are a number of pastors that said, ‘Look, we don’t get involved in politics, I’m not going to get involved in this issue, I just want to preach the gospel.’He adds, “When they realize their ability to preach the gospel may very well be at stake, they may reconsider their involvement.”

In a word, ridiculous. How is allowing same-sex marriage going to lead to stopping preachers from preaching? While I’m atheist, I respect the fact that people have the right to do as they please. If that means joining together once a week in a designated building and praying to an invisible being, fine. Perkins tries to equate opposition to their religious beliefs, which not all Americans hold, as an outright attack on them. Poor persecuted christians.

This is just the same crap of an ongoing attempt at the religious right to try to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. To put their attempts in a more understandable light, try this: Whenever you see a headline or quote stating this or something similar,

“They are trying to remove God from public schools.”

Just slip in the word “our” in front of any reference to a god.

“They are trying to remove our God from public schools.”

Notice how that gives possession? Which is who it is….their God, and they should keep him to themselves, out of respect for other Americans who don’t share their particular belief system.