WTF is going on?

As I was jumping around the ‘net today, I ran across a post at the Slymepit reporting that Melody Hensley, Executive Director of the DC branch for Center for Inquiry, was urging her fellow Secular Feminists on Facebook to report a video by WoolyBumblebee for bullying.

Here is the video:

It is critical of Melody, but is far from bullying.

As pointed out by Altair, also of the Pit, CFI links to an article they deem thought provoking. Here are two choice paragraphs quoted by Altair which seem relevant. From the article, Why We Need to Tolerate Hate by Wendy Kaminer:

Advocates of censoring hateful or offensive speech draw on civil rights laws to assert a right not to be offended or intimidated on account of membership in a protected group. But in the interests of equality, the state can regulate some educational policies (especially in public schools) as well as hiring, firing, and promotion in secular businesses without significantly infringing on the First Amendment. The state can’t regulate hate or offensiveness without eviscerating fundamental First Amendment freedoms.


In any case, they obviously enjoy their own First Amendment rights to shame teenagers or adults whose speech offends them. They enjoy the right to encourage public school officials to punish students for their racist tweets. But they should perhaps exercise this right with a sense of irony. Instead, the Jezebel site is infused with the self-righteousness of people who have little compunction of speaking up in the interests of shutting up their ideological opponents and shutting down speech they find offensive. Freedom of speech respects self-certainty, but requires at least a little self-doubt.

This is the same Melody Hensley who went through her Twitter followers and removed/blocked all that were also following the ElevatorGATE account. Her reasoning was that if they followed him, they supported his ideas and or actions. I’m sure I don’t have to explain how this is retarded logic, especially on Twitter.

I have not had much contact with Center for Inquiry, but if this is how an Executive Director conducts themselves, I think I’ll keep my distance in future.

Btw, thank you Melody Hensley, for making my inaugural post on this blog so fucking easy. Your actions today really make you look like a horrible person.