Some of you may be curious about why I titled my blog ‘Point No Point’, and for those who weren’t necessarily curious, the reasons for my choice may still be of some interest, in regards to why I even started this blog to begin with.

I happen to be mesmerized by, in love with, drawn to and in awe of lighthouses – everything from their history and lore to ghost stories. There are two US lighthouses called Point No Point. One is on the west coast in Washington state, the other is on the east coast on the Chesapeake Bay, in Maryland. How a lighthouse came to be named is something I’m usually curious about, and I can’t help but be amused by some of them – Cape Disappointment, Cape Foulweather, Point Retreat Light, Cape Decision Light, being but a few. But Point No Point has particularly always struck my fancy – perhaps because I can so often identify the name with my life, and that thought is the segue to the second reason I chose the name.

I am not a writer. I don’t even have anything in particular to say and can’t imagine anyone would find much, if anything, I write of any interest. It would never have occurred to me to blog, really, but when Skeeve, the owner of Atheists Today, extended an invitation to members to do so here, I decided there just might be a thing or two I want to say every once in a while after all.

For anyone who does venture to my page here and happens to linger and read, please keep in mind the fact that while I’m making my blog public, this is a personal experimental kind of thing for me, and really, it’s for me. If you wish to reply to something I write, comments are welcome, but trolling and other such nastiness won’t be tolerated here. Otherwise – if there’s anyone there, welcome!

I’m making this my space, to write what I wish, and to say it as I wish to – no one topic I have much or even anything to say about, just whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it. Thus, Point No Point.

Chapter one… coming soon. The wheels are spinning.

Peace and goodwill.