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 Well it has been a while since I wrote a blog. In fact the world has changed so much since the last time I sat at my desk and pecked away with my two most accurate fingers it is hard to know where to start.

  If anyone expects me to tell you where I’ve been or what I have been up to here is an update- I’m not dead. Now that we have that out of the way lets ramble through some stuff…

   First and foremost you all need to register to vote. I cannot stress this enough. If you are already registered then it is of utmost importance that you actually vote this November. This is not a drill. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic this election is probably the most important one in your lifetime and hopefully in your children’s and grandchildren’s lifetimes too.

  Years ago I warned about Donald Trump being elected president of the United States and the fears I had that he did not have the ability nor the desire to lead the country.  I think it is safe for me to say I was correct. I am not happy about being correct it is simply an easily supported fact.

  In addition to being correct the worst of my fears has also become a reality. We find ourselves in a situation where we need leadership to help us best get through it. I’m not saying without leadership we are doomed….well some of us are but as a whole I am not worried we will fail. It is just much more difficult and it will take longer and it will cost us more in both money and lives.

  Donald Trump has failed. Anyone who doesn’t see the writing on the wall at this point cannot and should not be taken seriously. To support him now can only be explained by stupidity or a self-serving agenda. That is to say- people who now stand behind this ineffective, divisive and inept clown are either too dumb to be trusted making their own toast each morning. Or they hope to get something out of supporting him even if it costs people’s lives or their livelihood.  So as we approach November I want you to take note of every single politician, TV personality, writer, shoe salesperson, or homeless person who still supports Trump. Those people can not be trusted to make intelligent and/or selfless decisions. Keep that in mind because someday it may help you avoid getting caught up in some bullshit involving those people.

  Now that we know the type of person who still can manage to say Trump’s name without throwing up in their own mouth, it’s time to do something about them. That is where the voting thing comes in. I do not want to hear any of the the usual “my vote doesn’t count” bullshit. I do not want to hear “all politicians are crooks/liars” and I don’t want to hear any other excuses or morally superior banter about corruption and effectiveness the election system.  It is simple….We cannot allow Donald Trump to win another term as president. And the best way to prevent him from winning re-election is for all of us to vote

  We need to show with overwhelming numbers we are not divided. Trump’s attempt to drag our country down into the swamp rather than drain it must fail spectacularly. We must send a message. We must take our country back because it has been hijacked by an idiot.

  We are almost all guilty of taking what we have for granted and it’s time to realize it. It is time to put both hands back on the wheel instead of holding them out the window so we can feel the wind rush through our fingers. There will be no more wind if we do not avoid hitting a wall or driving straight off a cliff.

Lies are only facts, that haven’t happened.

                                                                ~ Moonchild Corneille

  There are countless examples of Trump lacking the leadership abilities needed to be an effective leader. If I had to pick one that should be easiest to see and understand it would be this-

  At the time of this blog post the Washington Post has President Trump at 19,127 false or misleading claims in 1226 days. Keep in mind that number only applies to the things Trump says in public. Think about what the actual number must be considering every word that comes out of his mouth public and private. Anyone who dismisses this number by saying “all politicians lie” has a poor grasp on reality.

  The reality of it is..The average person lies anywhere from 1.6-2 times per day and those tend to be “white lies” like “those glasses look great on you”

  Now let’s consider what people are lying about. When Trump is saying things that are in public view and can be fact checked it is seldom about petty things. He is lying about things that have a direct effect on large numbers of people.  Sometimes he is lying about things that could cost people their lives such as a viral outbreak. It is without question Trump’s lies have cost many people their lives (the total number is as yet unknown) and done serious harm to our economy (the severity is also unknown) the level of both cannot be known because as of the writing of this blog things are still playing out.

  Right now the number of deaths in the US from corona virus stands at 122,000. Donald Trmp has been heard on multiple occasions bragging about how low that number is and how it could have been in the millions. Yea it could have been in the millions. And I suppose Trump could have told 50,000 lies at this point so the 19,000+ number is great.

  Using that logic a good defense in a serial killer case would be “Hey I only killed and raped 24 women. I could have killed and raped 50 women” Who in their right mind is going to nod and say “that’s a great point”?

Trump is already warning that the upcoming election is going to be “rigged”


   If he knows this to be true then why the hell doesn’t he tell us what is is going to do to prevent it ? I’ll tell you why. Because you can’t provide a way to prevent some imaginary shit you made up in your head from happening since it isn’t going to happen in the first place.

  It is obvious to me that this crap is a signal Trump knows he is in trouble. I think any reasonable person could come to that conclusion based on what Trump has shown us up to now.

“When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.

~Maya Angelou

  I’ve got more to say about this trust me. Let me wrap this rant up by making the following point.

  This cannot and must not be about political parties. It is time to set that bullshit aside at least until we correct our course. How bad does it need to get before people can stop making choices not based on their own moral compass but on what a single person of the same party tells them to choose?  

Stop being sheep for fucks sake.

Register to vote …DO IT!