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So  Richard Carrier gave a talk at the American Atheist convention in Austin….the fallout continues. It is amazing  the severe meltdown and the cutting of the ties to reality Richard Carrier is going through over the downvotes his presentation has acquired on youtube.  Am I being overly dramatic? Look for yourself  Atheism…Plus What?  The first few comments are enough to see what I’m talking about. If you get to Oolon’s comment you have gone one too far. Don’t bother. Since Oolon is the only person on the planet who is blocked from this blog comment section I won’t trash talk him, there is always twitter for that.

Anyway…..The lengths Richard goes to in order to defend his presentation is embarrassing. It’s like when we were kids and we played cops and robbers. There was always that one kid who never went down when he got shot. You would have your finger right up his nose and yell “BANG! YOU’RE DEAD!” and the kid would reply “You missed!” and then run off with the bank’s money like a criminal zombie with a gunshot wound to the head. Over and over Richard has faced fingers pointed right between his eyes and he just keeps yelling “YOU MISSED ME!”

It’s painful to watch. Richard is perfectly childlike in the way he avoids facing the fact he could, dare I say it? Be mistaken???! At the time of this post his video is at 18,129 total views with 654 upvotes and  4338 downvotes. Richard has been pulling out all the stops though. Actually spending time to ‘answer’ some of the commenters. This has not done him any good, in fact it seems to have brought to the surface some personality traits that Richard may want to focus on if he should ever decide to see a therapist.

There is an excellent reply to Richard Carrier by which can be found here

   However, like I said , Richard is having none of it.  After Thunderf00t posts a video explaining some of the problems with Richards presentation the reply to it is  this Is Thunderf00t a Sociopath?

Richard Carrier starts out with the usual character assassination that FTB are now known for and continues to make assumptions through the entire post. Richard Carrier has become just another over dramatic actor in the dispute among skeptics.  Richards attack on Thunderf00t is met with a reply.  If Richard Carrier was really as bright as some people say he is he would shut the hell up and go hide out for a while

   Over and over again Richard has been handed his ass on a platter. Over and over Richard lifts the lid and then slams it back down and starts yelling at his server.

  PZ Myers of course had to put in his $.02 and as usual it is way overvalued, so much so I’m not even going to link it.  PZ Myers is more out of touch than Carrier when it comes to reality and social interaction. PZ also lives in a state that ranks at the bottom third when it comes to diversity so in his bubble of course it’s going to look like minorities are not being included. Maybe he should concentrate on getting his own state to be more welcoming to minorities then he can start bragging about he knows better than anyone else.

  I guess the moral of the story is some people just can’t ever accept they are wrong and PZ Myers is always going to be a dick….Oh and I told you so Richard. Months ago when you first tried to separate the atheists/skeptics with your us vs. them bullshit. Which is EXACTLY what you did so stop telling lies.

 I’ll leave you with one of my latest video replies to the skeptics posers

  • Eshto

    There is something a lot of people keep missing. It’s not that Carrier is trying to mix feminism and theism. I don’t think he and his pals even know anything about feminism.

    Nope, what they’re doing is getting into petty arguments on twitter and facebook, then using their blogs to turn personal disagreements into public drama. Adding this layer of ridiculously over-the-top self righteousness about how their behavior is in the service of “social justice” is just another excuse for them to be dicks to people.

    They label everyone they don’t like a racist or misogynist, including other liberals and feminists. And plenty of women and queer people have been sucked into this idiotic drama. It doesn’t matter what your values or political beliefs are. He and his dumb A+ pals are basically trolling, I’m just not even sure they realize it.

    • He and his dumb A+ pals are basically trolling, I’m just not even sure they realize it

      This basically the conclusion I’ve come to after days arguing with these dimwits.

  • G

    This all reminds me of a Fairy Tale:

  • Theo Fensivatheist

    You know when people say things like “That made my head hurt” or similar & you know it’s just a joke? Well, i promise whoever reads this comment that i just read both of Carriers blogs & the comments on the “Is Thunderf00t a sociopath” have made my head hurt….NO joke. Fuck it Carrier’s screwed up, we all do it sometimes,” nobody’s perfect” & all that but FFS why can’t he just drop it & move on. I don’t think the question re; TF can be taken seriously but Carriers own obsession with Feminist Dogma &/or the need to always be right is showing, & it’s doing him no favours.

  • Darth Cynic

    Another tour de force by the good Dr. He does seem quite eager to make himself a laughing stock and be more well known for his laughable demagoguery than his fairly reasonable work on the historicity of Jesus.

    It’s one of the rare times I felt compelled to bother registering a vote on Youtube, just so I could add my own numeral as a clear vote against: this self-appointed demagogue; his hypocrisy; his abrogation of reason; his transparent bait ‘n’ switch; his clown show club A+; his imperious prescriptions for us the hoi polloi to abide by as the good Dr directs us. These asses think themselves the vanguard that directs the uneducated proletariat, they’d be mistaken and they’ll have to work really hard now to maintain the illusion that they represent anything other than a fringe element. That echo-chamber magnified the noise to make it seem greater than what was there, they should have checked first before sticking their foot in it.

    Incidentally, up increased by 25 whilst down added 544.

  • Ralph Ellis

    Richard Carrier does not even know that Jesus is mentioned in the Talmud – as Yeshu the Nazarene in Sanhedrin 43, and called Balaam elsewhere. If Carrier does not even know that, then of what value are his pronunciations?

    If you want to find the historical Jesus, the complete evidence for this is contained in the books ‘King Jesus’ and ‘Jesus, King of Edessa’.

    Jesus was a king of Edessa called King Izas-Manu (while Jesus was called King Jesus Em-Manu-El). And he wore a Crown of Thorns.

    • Bruce Grubb

      Carrier knows of the Talmud (see Did Jesus Exist? Earl Doherty and the Argument to Ahistoricity (2002)) as he references several times in that piece.

      In his PEER REVIEWED SCHOLARLY PUBLISHED work Carrier makes c 120 CE his cut off date because “after that time we can’t reasonably expect there to have been any surviving witness in the original decade of the cult’s creation (in the 30 CE), due to the the limits of life expectancy (Element 22)” and “the quantity of bogus literature about Jesus and early Christianity exploded to an immense scope, making the task of sorting truth from fiction effectively impossible (Element 44)”

      The Palestinian Talmud was written between the 3rd and 5th century CE, and the Babylonian Talmud was written between the 3rd and 6th century CE, at least two centuries after the alleged crucifixion. More of the “Yeshu” in the Talmud is clearly put in the 1st century BCE ie 100 year BEFORE the Jesus of the bible.

      Epiphanius, in Panarion 29 in the 4th century expressly states “For the rulers in succession from Judah came to an end with Christ’s arrival. Until he came the rulers were anointed priests, but after his birth in Bethlehem of Judea the order ended and was altered in the time of Alexander [Jannaeus], a ruler of priestly and kingly stock.”

      Abraham ben Daud of the 12th century writes “The Jewish history-writers say that Joshua ben Perachiah was the teacher of Yeshu ha-Notzri [the Nazarene], according to which the latter lived in the day of King Janni [Jannaeus]; the history-writers of the other nations, however, say that he was born in the days of Herod and was hanged in the days of his son Archelaus. This is a great difference, a difference of more than 110 years.”

      We have seen this type of temporal mucking about before…with Robin Hood.

  • Bruce Grubb

    Considering Carrier’s ideas appeared PEER REVIEWED SCHOLARLY PUBLISHED work (which was targeted for June 2013 when this drivel was posted but got delayed to July 2014) this piece is out of date twaddle.