PZ Myers Crys Yet Another River

Pz and his date

Who says PZ isn’t a social butterfly?



It ends like this-

It was an incredibly repellent talk that was not improved in the past year, but only made uglier and more grotesque. He ignored all of my previous criticisms, answering them only by yelling louder. I coulda gagged at the end when he piously announced we all ought to be fighting together for the cause of reason…after an hour of caricaturing atheists as ignorant and smug posturing of “scientific skepticism” as the great good virtue.

That is the last paragraph of the latest bitching and moaning session from PZ Myers. I start with it because it does such a good job of painting a picture of PZ. He starts out complaining because the talk wasn’t all fresh and new. Someone might want to mention to PZ he has been  beating the hell out of the creationism horse for some time. When I go to a conference and he is a speaker, that’s when I take lunch or if its at the end of the day I can go watch a homeless guy lecture a trash can instead that way I’m gonna hear more wit and less egotistical banter.

PZ then follows up whimpering because all of his criticisms are ignored and there is yelling. At this point I think it is safe to assume PZ was yelled at by whoever raised him. He has over and over shown a strong dislike for people who speak passionately and he likes to claim they are yelling.  PZ also seems to think that if a person is yelling somehow they lose the ability to make a valid point about whatever they are yelling about. In some cases, like mine, I lost the ability to ever make a point or to even say anything worth consideration because I yelled one time.

PZ ends his crybaby tantrum by saying he is outraged to the point of actually gagging when the speaker suggests people should work together. After all the guy had voiced his opinion about the roles of atheists and skeptics. PZ felt atheists had somehow been slighted and then seemed to be unable to support any cooperation between people as a result of this outrage.

Well PZ has already been at the head of the line on several occasions so he could be one of the first people to reject any attempt to make it possible for atheists/skeptics to work together without any high school antics and childish name-calling. PZ has proven he has no desire to get along with anyone who has disagreed with him on A+ or on his brand of feminism.

After I read the pathetic butt-hurt sniveling post PZ wrote. I watched the video of the talk Jamy Ian Swiss gave PZ was so upset about. I didn’t have a problem with it. I had never heard of Jamy before PZ brought him to my attention. He fits in with many of the other reasonable people I have heard chime in on the complete bullshit going on among some skeptics/atheists. Barbra Drescher, Michael Shermer, DJ Grothe, Steve Novella. They have all kicked the shit out of PZ’s flawed logic directly or indirectly. Jamy can be added to that list now too.

Although Jamy doesn’t mention any specific names he talks about how people who claim skeptics are afraid of religion and do not confront religion due to that fear. Jamy says those people are either stupid or if they are not stupid then they must be liars because there is no truth in the claim. I would agree with this completely. You can not describe the majority of skeptics as afraid of anything. PZ takes the statement by Jamy personally and assumes it is about him. I can’t say PZ is correct that Jamy is talking about him but I can say the description fits, even PZ agrees with that.

The title of PZ’s post is I officially divorce myself from the skeptic movement  We can only hope that this holds up. The problem is PZ has removed himself from the atheist/skeptic movement quite some time ago. It is clear that PZ does not have the best interests of skeptics or atheists in mind. He fights almost any attempt to find a calm. If some parties do manage to act like mature adults and work things out PZ always has to add spin making it look like the people who disagrees with him somehow gave in or realized it was in their own best interest. It’s like he thinks that he and his regular commenters are actually causing some sort of change. The only thing I see changing is the amount of support for PZ and his unfair, biased and just plain willfully stupid behavior.

It is interesting how some have been critical of me because of my blogs about PZ when I am just answering to his lunacy yet they allow him to go along unchecked rambling that he is a scientist while his behavior reflects someone with no clue about how even basic skepticism  works and his scientific expertise is obviously limited to squishy stuff that lives in the ocean. All you have to do is listen to him speak about social issues for 2 minutes to realize he is in way over his head trying to dictate what is/isn’t acceptable.

And another interesting point is how PZ Myers claims to be focused on including everyone in the atheist movement. How can someone claim to want to do that and at the same time do everything possible to uninclude people who don’t agree with him? And I would love for someone to explain to me this trend towards refusal to work with people who don’t agree with you in any way but then how are you ever going to get the other people of the world to change their behavior? If you can’t be mature enough to work with people you have at least one thing in common with how are you ever going to communicate with people who have nothing in common with you? Is it different? YEA IT IS….IT’S HARDER. duh.

And how can PZ  expect anyone to believe he knows anything about social interaction when he has warned Justin Vacula if he tries to talk at the Women in Secularism Conference PZ is going to run away with his hands over his ears until he sees a mature authority figure and then he is going to report the hell out of Vacula!!! That will teach that son of a bitch to try and have a conversation with another adult! Great job PZ, way to demonstrate how skeptics and atheists can manage to convince the rest of the world we have a better world in mind if only they would listen I mean if only they would run away and report us?? I’m not sure how well that is going to work but what do I know? I’m  no scientist. Is it part of the scientific method to act like a chickenshit  whenever someone who disagrees with you tries to resolve the dispute by talking?  I didn’t go to college so don’t know for sure maybe PZ knows a real scientist we could ask unless he runs away from us too…..

Up next- PZ and Ray Comfort what do they have in common? Let’s count.

  • James

    I know very little about PZ Myers, but from what I have been reading via Reap’s posts here and hearing on the pod casts, it seems to me that PZ Myers is just an egotistical jackass. This “movement” is difficult enough as it with allof the push back we Atheists/Skeptics/Non-Believers face from the bible-beating wing nuts,how does he (Myers) think that creating chaos and in-fighting within the community is going to help further our cause? Its people like this, along with other asshats like MSNBC’s self-proclaimed Atheist yet open to theism airhead S.E. Cupp, that make me wonder if perhaps these aren’t people who are actually believers who have infiltrated the Atheist/Skeptics community to throw us off track with all their crybaby bullshit. Not trying to start anything or sound like a paranoid goof,but its shit like this that makes me wonder some times just how much some people’s hearts are really behind our cause.

    • I know very little about PZ Myers…

      Love hearing this. This grim reality, that Myers actual presence does not correlate to his delusional fantasy of personal grandiosity, must burn him like a bladder infection. The self-absorbed clown actually fostered the idea that he would become the fourth horseman with Hitchens’ passing. The reality is that most in the various communities, outside of the solipsist bubble of freefromthoughtblogs, have no idea who he is and of those who do, the vast majority now see him for the unfunny and vicious clown that he is.

      make me wonder if perhaps these aren’t people who are actually believers who have infiltrated the Atheist/Skeptics community to throw us off track with all their crybaby bullshit

      Indeed. If you wanted to cause damage, it’s hard to think of a better way to do it than they way that Myers, Becky Watson and cohorts have gone about it. They have effectively embodied the vulgar caricature of atheism/skepticism that the religious loons promote – that we are a mass of selfish, narcissistic, amoral and destructive losers.

      Unfortunately, this nonsense is not confined to A/S – it replicates itself like cancer and has plagued the corporate and academic sectors for decades, and is now spreading anywhere else where there is a critical mass of uncritical and well-meaning buffoons that can feed it oxygen. Most recently, we have seen Anita Sarkeesian similarly defrauding and slandering the gaming community and Adria Richards attacking the tech community in general with “donglegate”. This dumbness is captured by Mykeru’s Law: “As any progressive movement grows and achieves success, the probability of it being co-opted by women who want to make it all about their vagina approaches 1″ – and this is indeed what happened to A/S.

      Myers, Watson et al. in themselves would not be a problem were our communities diligent and applied core critical thought principles to all without fear or favour. We don’t. Instead we have folks like Michael Nugent and Steve Novella with deliberate blind spots acting as apologists for idiots like Becky Watson – and in the process amplifying their nonsense by giving it an audience and legitimacy it does not deserve. That is the *real* problem and until they wake up to themselves this crap will continue.

      • Didgya

        Nice post Reapster!
        Franc, I agree that you figured out Watson a long time before I did and you are spot on about most things. But I do disagree about Novella. Anytime she is wrong about facts on the SGU he immediately corrects her or disagrees with her. He continues to support and be part of TAM and supports her, like a friend but (as far as I can see) does not jump down the logical fallacy hole with PZ and others.

    • MosesZD

      Myers was a USENET particpant back in the pre-Internet days. He also helped co-found The Panda’s Thumb and Talk Origins.

      But fame went to his head and he changed. Or maybe he didn’t and his true colors came through. It’s hard to know.

  • Yeah, Reap you are definitely not alone on PZ Myers or his syndicate. When I posted denunciation of Skepticism that you’re referring to here to my local skeptics group there was a widespread response of gratitude. Like we’ve finally passed a massive stone. The much repeated response was “good, now can we all get back to focusing on actual skepticism now that this big mouth has admitted what we’ve all known for so long?” PZ was never a skeptic

  • MosesZD

    He’s not a scientist. A scientist does science. The last paper (of merit) Myers had published was 1993. What Myer’s is, is a teaching professor at a third-rate college that is, within his field (Developmental Biology), considered to be just one-step above a community college on the ladder. In short, a four-year college lacking prestige and gravitas.

    There’s nothing wrong with that. The world needs teachers to teach at those places. Not everyone can go to a top university. But he’s not a scientist. He’s not a heavy-weight academician. He’s not even in the field anymore. He doesn’t even go to the ZFIN meetings to keep up with what’s current in the field. He doesn’t talk to people in the field. He doesn’t guest lecture in the field. He does nothing, whatsoever, in the field.

    He is, for science purposes — a career dead-ender and scientifically irrelevant.