Definitively Divisive



PZ Myers is afraid of the slymepit if his actions are any indication

Ron Lindsay, President of The Center for Inquiry opened up the Women in Secularism 2 conference in DC this past weekend with this talk. Ron then caught a load of crap from some people. Rebecca Watson said-

Very strange to open #wiscfi w a white male CEO lecturing women about using the concept of privilege to silence men.

The inability of secular leaders to take on & respond to polite constructive criticism is embarrassing. #wiscfi

PZ said-

PZ Myers@pzmyers 17 May

Not very impressed with Lindsay opening #wiscfi with a caricature.

Wait…@RALindsay was thinking of and objecting to ME in his opening remarks? I am so proud.

  These two are amazing to say the least. It’s like Rebecca has naked pictures of PZ doing something he shouldn’t and is using them to control him. PZ defends everything Rebecca does. Rebecca has even snapped at PZ and PZ just rolls over and waits for her to rub his belly. Okay maybe Rebecca doesn’t have any pic but there  is something odd about the relationship between them.
 PZ has criticized Sam Harris, Steven Novella, Michael Shermer, Ron Lindsay, Richard Dawkins  as well as countless other popular and not so well known atheists on their stance about feminism. How damn good does PZ really think he is?
   Rebecca, PZ , Jason Thibeault, Ophelia Benson, Stephanie Zvan and the other handful of poser skeptic bloggers along with  ‘the horde of idiots’ PZ has amassed in his comment section have been tearing down groups like JREF, RDF and CFI as they try to force their agenda on the rest of the world. So far they have been getting kicked in the face as a result.
PZ Myers, who at this point has got to be the most out of touch individual I have ever seen, keeps acting as though he and his “horde” are going to take over the world. Unfortunately, in reality, they couldn’t take over a grade-school playground if they used a tank.
  PZ continues to ban anyone from the slymepit in his comment section. How damn paranoid can you get? The people in the slymepit must be hitting on a nerve pretty hard for PZ to damn the whole forum the way he has. The forum keeps getting a bad rap from some of the rad fems aligned with PZ and Rebbecca. Melody claimed that “half the slymepit” has descended upon Ron Lindsay’s blog post . In reality there were 6 people who had posted that had direct links to the slymepit forum…..FYI for Melody and whoever else doesn’t get it-  There are over 600 members in the slymepit forum. Melody isn’t too good at math or she has caught whatever it is PZ has. Maybe PZ thinks there are only 12 members of the slymepit since he can’t seem to figure out who has actually posted there and who hasn’t.
 In my last blog I talked about how Rebecca hasn’t been able to come up with any solutions. PZ is no better , in fact I think it is safe to say he is even worse. PZ has turned out to be confused by relatively simple concepts such as- The world doesn’t think exactly the way you do.  or  Just because someone doesn’t agree with you on every point it doesn’t make them your enemy.
   PZ is behaving like Christians who hear you don’ t believe in god, they say “Don’t believe in god? Oh you worship the devil then huh?” I think I can say most if not all atheists do not worship the devil although I can tolerate Satanists easier than some Christians.
  PZ has been the single most divisive element in this civil war. He refuses to try and understand the opposing view, it is dismissed outright. This is a very dangerous way of doing things. When you make it clear a group is not worth listening  to or dealing with then what are you saying?  Aren’t you saying that group has no worth? When you send that kind of message then how are people going to act towards that group?  They are going to consider them worthless. After all what use is a group of people you want nothing to do with and won’t listen to?  It’s all well and good to say they can go on about their business but do you really  think you are never going to cross paths? What happens then? Confrontation built from resentment and lack of respect.  Without being over dramatic I can say-This is the kind of thing that has destroyed countries and resulted in countless deaths in our history. PZ Myers can’t seem to wrap his fat head around that neither can a lot of other people who think there are only two sides to this and that both sides are equally wrong/right.
  Who is listening to PZ myers anyways? Well a bunch of people who ripped right into Ron Lindsay hang on every word PZ writes which seems a bit  odd to me. PZ is an old white male who lives in an isolated part of Minnesota. He clearly is not a people person. He does not have an outgoing or easy-going personality. He is not even mildly friendly a lot of the times I have seen him interact with people. He clearly has two different (at least) personalities. He is a timid but rude mouse in real life and he is the almighty leader of  ‘the horde’ on the internet. He and the horde are going to change the world as long as they don’t have to actually have a discussion with or meet anyone in real life. Another concept PZ isn’t quite getting.
  I have been making these points for a while now and I see the tide turning. I can see more and more people who are tired of the bullshit, double talk and divisive antics of the FTB/skepchick/radical feminist gang. Now if we could just figure a way to get through those ego barriers and into the echo chambers they have built out of their fans….

  • ConcentratedH2O, OM

    “He and the horde are going to change the world as long as they don’t have to actually have a discussion with or meet anyone in real life. ”

    Yep, whenever one sees Meyers speaking, either on a stage or (as rarely sighted) to religious folk, he acts like a bank clerk explaining all of his company’s current special offers.

    On the internet, of course, Meyers is THOR, GOD OF THUNDER AND SMITER OF THE WICKED (oh, and also carer of “Nerd of Redhead’s” bizarre mental illness.

    Fuck off to where you belong, Meyers: I hear the Westboro Baptist Church are accepting new members.

  • Theo Fensivatheist

    Well they had to moan about something & Vacula refused to play ball.

  • Feek

    It’s going to be up to the big names to put these people in their place. The heads of these bigtime atheist organizations. If they cave in and declare a set of ideas immune from criticism and a group of people as having the right not to be offended, we all lose.

  • To the point that the tide is turning (and I have seen many people saying this lately), I find myself somewhat skeptical. Doesn’t PZ have by far the single-most popular atheist blog in terms of traffic? I have not looked to see if his traffic is in sharp decline, and I’m not even sure how I would do so. But it seems to me that as long as he continues to enjoy this level of popularity, he has little incentive to change his behavior. I have seen more people speaking out against PZ and some of his colleagues, but I suspect that he may be gaining as many visitors as he is losing.

    • Didgya

      Vjack- I can’t disagree (especially with the absence of data). I think Reap is doing what he can to spread the message of PZ’s jackassery. I will still support anything rational and proven that he presents but no dogmatic following of him or anyone is a good practice, I think. When you Google PZ, you will get at least some dissenting opinion that is not on the FTB site. It will be up to how skeptical and thorough people want to be and check out their sources and bloggers.

    • Reap

      Here is a link to one source Alexa

      Can’t get just his page but …

    • MosesZD

      So, the answer is complicated.

      At one time, years and years ago, Phryangula, by itself, was a top-5000 (Global) blog and the #1 science blog on the Internet (way back in 2006). Then we had the Science Blogs thing (where it became more popular for a while) though that whole thing ran into problems and so it eventually it migrated to FreeThoughtBlogs. But there was far less competition so in absolute traffic, it wasn’t as impressive at it might seem.

      When it went to FreeThought Blogs the ratings of it and all the other blogs that moved with it/joined it became combined. In December 2012, FtB was in the Top-10,000ish range World Wide and 4000ish range in the US.

      Now, it’s dropped quite a lot: has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 22,231. [Ed. — 8900 US] Roughly 51% of visits to the site are bounces (one pageview only), and it has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Wilkes Barre-Scranton (#854). Compared with internet averages, this site appeals more to users who are aged under 25 and 45–65; its audience also tends to consist of childless men browsing from home who have incomes between $30,000 and $60,000. The fraction of visits to referred by search engines is approximately 9%.

      I’ve seen some other things that tell me he darn well knows he’s lost a lot of traffic. Myers used to cross-post at The Panda’s Thumb all the time back in 2005/2006. As he got bigger and bigger, he just stopped. He put all his efforts into his personal blog and I didn’t see anything by him. He’s been posting quite a lot, at least in the past few months.

      I’m not the only who has noticed this. The YouTube author Concoordance has shown Myer’s traffic (for Pharyngula alone) is down to his 2006 level from his peak in 2010. Which means, relative to the whole blogsphere ,means Myers has dropped share in absolute terms (that is daily hits) and has dropped relative to the vastly expanded blog-market.

      So, yes, once he was the #1 science blogger on the Internet. But clearly no longer.

      • MosesZD

        Crap. I hate making long posts without a preview function to help me edit. In these cases I almost always mis-edit them and make them more, instead of less, confusing.

      • MosesZD

        So, the takeaway is all of FtB has gone down in Alexa rankings. What I forgot to add, is that FTB, as a whole, has gone down quite a lot WHILE ADDING NEW BLOGS. Which have not been able to make up for their driving off traffic and the blog-roll losses they’ve suffered (Thunderf00t, Camels with Hammers, Token Skeptic, and a few others). So while it’s still a bigger blog-roll now than in 2012, it’s a smaller footprint on the Internet.

  • MosesZD

    Oh, I have a browsing order of blogs in my bookmarks. I went to God is a Myth (written by an ex-fundamentalist preacher) right after this blog and hit this post:

    Christian hypocrisy

    1. a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
    2. a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

    When I was a believer I was what you would call a fanatic fundamentalist. I took the bible to be the the inerrant word of God and I interpreted it for the most part literally. One of the hardest things I found was that it is impossible to walk the walk, but so much easier to talk the talk. Let me explain, one of the problems I have with theists today is that the majority of them talk about holiness, righteousness, and even go as far as claiming the higher moral ground above the rest of us. But their personal and sometimes even their public lives are not a reflection of what they claim to believe.

    I was astonished to find later on as an atheist that most atheists have read the bible in its entirety at least once, and demonstrate more knowledge of the scriptures and what they teach than most theists! The Jesus of faith was supposed to be the role model for all believers on how one should conduct themselves in their everyday life. Yet most of the theists I have been exposed to are always in some violation or violations of God’s commands as outlined in the bible.

    The first and most blatant violation is that theists spend a lot of time and energy judging everyone and anyone that does not agree with their beliefs. Sometimes they’re not only judgmental in a critical way, but often in a very hostile manner. Jesus himself was made to say in the scriptures that these are the very people he called hypocrites those that judge and condemn others.

    This is Myers and the FtB bullies in a nut-shell. And like these hypocrites, they are blind to their behavior.