Without A Care



Rebecca Watson has been acting without any concern for others IMO. She continues to blab any play the drama card in what appears to be a need for attention. When she talks about people making claims that she just needs attention her sarcasm and wit (imaginary) bust out and she dismisses the accusation. Well people always deny any negative claims about them. Along with that usually they will present evidence that those claims are not true. Rebecca is an exception to that. I believe it is for good reason.  I have another blog about her and PZ coming up, in fact I was in the middle of it when this post by here came up. I figured my reply would be good to post here so it stays complete and visible.

Here is a link to her blog post.

This is my reply-

The problem here is NOBODY should be making the fact Ron Lindsay is a white male part of their issue. Any criticism should be blind to gender or race or sexual preference or disability or physical feature. There is a reason that justice is blind. That is what keeps it fair. The criticism should be about his opinion ALONE. You had all better be careful when making assumptions about an entire group. How can anyone not know this already? Are you all so blinded by your cause that you would become what you are fighting? There is no large-scale organized effort to oppress women unless you want to count Republicans I could agree with that.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to tell you what to think or to shut up but you would do well to try and accept the fact this crap rebecca is trying to sell nothing more than social snake oil.
Has anyone wondered why rebecca has never once tried to cool any of the drama she has started? The only damage control she ever does is when it is going to effect her directly. Otherwise she plays it long and loud. She grabs any little piece and fills it with hot air until its about to pop making it seem like the biggest thing in the room then she goes off into the corner and laughs while she watches people argue over what it is, whether it belongs in the room, and how best to dispose of it. When interest starts to die it is on to the next piece. She never comes in and explains what she did or even just lets people know the best way to remove it. She just plain doesn’t give a fuck about how any of her words effect others, or how many people have been negatively impacted because she thinks its cool to blow shit out of proportion. All she wants is whatever she wants.

It’s neat that you think the world is for your amusement rebecca but life doesn’t get amused and it doesn’t exist for you to use it to play games with people. Your antics are going to bite you on the ass one day. You can easily prove me wrong by offering some suggestions on how to repair some of the damage. Something besides “Do it my way” because obviously that method doesn’t work. I don’t expect you to understand why because it has to do with the feelings of others. As a wrap up let me remind you that life doesn’t care about any single one of you, what color you are, or who you like to fuck. We all get treated with the same consideration by life, none.

  • MosesZD

    Watson is a Drama Queen. The Drama Queen, as we know, is victim oriented. That is to say he or she plays the role of victim and uses manipulation and the undermining of others to get what he (or she) wants. We see this from Watson all the time.

    But I don’t think she could exist in this fashion without a patron, such as Myers. Without him, she’s a minor voice and boring side-show that most people in the atheist community don’t know about.

    Myers is a Queen Bee and the major dysfunction in the atheist community right now. With his enabling and power, Watson, and some other bad actors, have been able to parlay five minutes of whining into a two-year drama fest. Together, they’re a hive of juvenile, toxic immaturity that many (but not all) of us have figured out and abandoned even as they keep shoving their crap back in our faces.

    The Queen Bee (Myers in this case) uses his (or her) knowledge and power to bend the rules and get his way. We see this through his hypocrisy and double-standards in all things revolving around his place, position and promulgations in atheist movement occurring on a regular, if not daily basis.

    Myers also engages in cyber-bullying (because he’s too much of a real-wold wimp to do anything else) as he whips his followers into a cyber-mob ready to attack the “Witch of the Week.” Calls to arms, as it were, he has routinely made (directly and indirectly through dog-whistles).

    Myers is very skilled in political hacksmanship. And has used his minor fame to build strategic relationships with all the ‘big names’ in the atheist movement so he could keep the spotlight on himself and steer the movement in a direction he desired. Stupidly, though, Myers has alienated many of this ‘big names’ in his bullying-play for greater leadership and a bigger name.

    We’ve seen this bully behavior exhibited in a long list of attacks on people far more important to the atheist/skeptic movements than Myers. Some of whom he’s done a very good job of marginalizing, such as Chris Mooney (who is, frankly smarter and a better person than Myers), through deliberately and willfully mis-representing their strategies and efforts.

    And this, of course, worked, for Myers, for a very long time. Until he made a bad-bet on Atheism+ and has continued to double-down on this bet believing, someday, he’s going to get his readership/leadership back.

    So, without Myers, and his proven ability (though waning) to cyber-bully others into submission…. Watson the drama queen has been able to run freely these past couple of years. But, in the end, people will get tired of her crap and leave.

    • Theo Fensivatheist

      I can’t stand her behavior either but i don’t think it’s just PZ who’s got her back. Greta Christina has a huge influence on both PZ & Watson & i believe they both see her as some sort of GURU while the plebs who inhabit PZ’s excuse for a blog just go along with whatever seems popular w/everyone else on any given day. They almost ALWAYS agree with whatever PZ says & for that to happen with such monotonous regularity it only goes to prove that there’s very little actual thinking going on. There’s a reason people call them dogmatic! While there are a very few decent members of FtB (Namazie?),The reasonable blogers on the network are (imo) going to realize that belonging to it is a hindrance to being taken seriously by the wider community. It’s dying but they just don’t know it yet. Watson does these things as a kind of “Publicity stunt” out of some kind of desperation & it’s getting old. They’re irrelevant & it’s time we stopped indulging them with any attention.