The Resistance



Did you miss me?

Before I jump into this hot mess we have found ourselves in let me update anyone who is curious.

Tom Raspoptnik lost his attempt to win against me in court (he lost)

Tom Raspotnik and his creepy “wife” are currently defending themselves from a lawsuit claiming they are guilty of copyright violations. Looks like they are going to lose that case too.

To sum it up Tom Raspotnik is still the same loser he has always been…business as usual.

I am currently living in Reno NV. I have a great job which I enjoy very much. I have an apartment I like very much with a great view of the Reno downtown skyline. I have also become a grandpa, my grand-daughter is a very cute and extremely busy little girl. My daughter is a great mother. She has her own apartment and a good job, nice car…I guess I succeeded in raising her. What do you know about that?

Ok enough about me lets discuss what is going on in this great country. I think we should start out by asking one question…


Yes, I’m afraid they have.

Donald Trump is about to officially become the POTUS. Just typing that scares me. I do not get it, I’ve tried to understand it, really I have. I’ve tried and tried to put myself in the shoes of the people who support Trump. I’ve listened to the explanations for why people support him like

“They feel abandoned by the Democrats”

“They have watched all the jobs leave town and nothing replace them”

“Donald Trump tells it like it is”

“Donald Trump is going to drain the swamp”

Don’t misunderstand me I know how Donald got elected. He snuck in under the radar. Too many people dismissed the possibility of Trump actually getting elected so they didn’t step up to vote against him. They underestimated the number of stupid people who would actually vote for an idiot like Trump. What I can’t understand is why those people have become so stupid that they can support Trump.

The Murderer of Truth

First of all, the guy is a liar. I don’t mean the typical politician who lies to get votes. Trump takes that stereotype and not only embraces it, he gives it steroids, lots of steroids

Check out Politifact. They check out statements made by politicians to see how true they are.

Not only is Trump a huge liar but he seems to have a poor grasp on reality.

One instance stands out to me most. During a rally where Obama was speaking a Trump supporter was being heckled by the crowd. Obama stopped his speech and repeatedly told the crowd to calm down and leave the man alone. He reminded them that in this country it was ok to have a different opinion.

The next day Donald Trump told a crowd at one of his rallies about the incident. He said the president “spent so much time screaming at this protester.” and described Obama’s reaction to the protester as “a disgrace”. Check it out-

It’s one thing to have a different take on a story, that isn’t the case here. Trump’s version is completely wrong. He also consistently denies saying things that are well documented or even recorded on video. It’s very easy to use google and prove Trump said the things he denies ever saying but he continues to stick to his story. It is nothing less than amazing.

The Twilight Zone

When you attempt to point out the obvious lies Trump has been telling to his supporters the usual response from them is to call you “one of those liberals” and to tell you to “get over losing the election and quit whining/crying”

This drives me crazy. How does expecting someone to be honest make me a liberal? Is that the distinction  now? Liberal= honest Conservative= liar

99%… If You Can’t Beat ‘Em Make ‘Em President

Image result for occupy wall streetHow so many working class people came to the conclusion that Donald Trump was the one man who save them from whatever problems they have is another mystery. Remember the “Occupy Wall Street” protests? What the fuck happened to all those people? I guess they just gave up and said “fuck it might as well give in. Not only did they give in the doubled down and let Trump get elected. No protests, no marching, no yelling. I did hear about one group who tried to close down a highway in protest but somebody drove through the human blockade and killed one of them….that pretty much took care of that.


 The Resistance

I’ve always believed you should stand up for what you believe in doing whatever you can no matter how small. That is what I will be doing here on an ongoing basis. That mean you should share and support content, do your own podcast, write your own blog, attend protests in your area, if there aren’t any start one. DO SOMETHING or accept whatever Tump does to you with a smile cause you deserve what you get.

To be continued

Up next- The United Corporation of America