PZ Myers PLEASE Get A Fucking Clue


PZ gives his best answer

PZ gives his best answer

So I try to avoid PZ Myers comment section. Between that angry bitter hater of life Caine de Flop, brownian the master of self doxxing (see here) and crying like a baby and the rest of the uninformed dolts that reside in there I can feel my IQ drop as I read their fictional version of events. The only thing being horded in there is ignorance.

Since Ophelia Benson is doing everything possible to avoid anyone paying attention to her by threatening to make public the name of a commenter who dared tell her to “get some help” (good advice IMO) I found myself checking out the contribution PZ has made to the latest self-made drama.

As I wade through the attempts to justify what is obviously wrong behavior on Ophelia’s part and the random incorrect accusation that I somehow provided brownian’s real name to the public, which never happened unless K is his last name. I only learned that much because of brownian providing it. In fact brownian outed himself (see here)

Brownian, OM

December 16, 2008

AnthonyK, that’s funny! I have to cancel out the Rev. BDC’s typos lest the universe annihilate itself.

Incidentally, I’m also an Anthony K in RL, so it kinda freaks me out when I see your name!

(That, and I’m a teensy bit baked. Uh-oh. Munchies. I’m gonna go put rosemary on something and eat it.)

 As if that wasn’t enough I also see someone ask a question


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I’ve been reading PZ’s blog almost every day for the past year or so, but I still don’t understand the basics of this ongoing debate/feud/flame war/whatever between (as far as I can tell) pro-feminist atheists like PZ and anti-feminist atheists… it seems like it started quite a while ago, and (again, as far as I can tell) every post seems to refer to past events that I’m not aware of. Is there a “sum up” post somewhere, or can someone just sum it up for me?

PZ Myers, being a wealth of information and ready to provide complete bullshit on demand jumps to answer like this-

29 May 2013 at 1:40 pm (UTC -5) Link to this comment

There is no summary. There’s a faction that detests feminism, really hates women like Rebecca Watson who get all uppity and point out gender inequities, and they’ve gone on a two year long temper tantrum of irrational gibberish, photoshop games, misrepresentation, fuming about anti-harassment policies, and calling us ‘cunts’ and ‘manginas’, among other colorful sex-based slurs. The good thing is that all the assholes have conveniently decamped to a place called the slymepit where they spend all their time whining about FtB and Skepchicks.

I can hardly find the words to describe my feelings about this reply from PZ. I will attempt it though….WHAT THE FUCK?! Where does PZ Myers live ? Does he even try to pay attention?  How can he describe the bullshit he has played a major part in causing like this? I can’t lay all the blame on PZ but holy shit reality must be a tiny little dot in whatever sky it is  PZ sees when he looks up. This isn’t even close to accurate. If he does think this is true or even if he doesn’t and is just saying it in order to prevent another person from learning- PZ is delusional and disconnected from the real events and opinions of others. I can’t believe even his comment section would let that  pass……guess what? It has gone unchallenged as of the time of this post….. we have a serious problem.

  • Mykeru

    Dear PZ,

    In fact, the “schism” came about when a woman (some demented teen-age 30-something with rapidly changing hair) used her position of power to beat on another woman named Steff McGraw and was backed by another woman, Abbie Smith.

    The women the drunk hair-monster attacked were both less powerful in the mean-girls club, but far more intellectually and professionally accomplished as the woman attacking them is a fucking idiot. That goes a long way towards explaining the dynamic of who attacks who. Especially for a personal and professional mediocrity such as yourself.

    The line was drawn, in fact, on the basis of whether women with power were justified in beating on the powerless. You sided where you thought your bread was buttered.

    Your historical revisionism is a crock of shit, you old whore.

  • Theo Fensivatheist

    WE are not the ones with any problems Reap. I have enough confidence in the vast majority of the community to see sense & know B.S. when it appears. If every so often someone shows up at PZ excuse for a blog & falls for his tales then it’s no great loss IMO because if that someone can’t figure out (sooner or later) exactly what that delusional fool’s all about they would be useless to have around. It’s the same (small) amount of people who make 90% of the comments there & i’ve yet to see anyone disagree with their Guru. (I don’t visit often, truth to tell though.) I did join The Slymepit (long time ago) & made 1 post, i rarely visit or lurk but i’ve been called Slyme a few times by a couple of his congregation but i have come to understand that facts are not their strong point but projection certainly is & like i said most of us are perfectly aware of what he & a few other FtB’ers all about.

  • Didgya

    Hi Theo Fensivatheist,
    I know what you mean. I am not a member of the Slymepit (not against, just not a member) and (almost any time)when I comment any dissenting opinion (snide or not) then I am lumped into that group instant and assigned a nefarious purpose. Hard to argue with dogma 🙂

    • Hey, Steve, do you always work so hard not to do anyinthg Jesus didn’t even when you know there’s nothing wrong with it? Oh, wait! Shit, you’re here on the internet! But but Jesus only talked theology to people IN PERSON! What are you going to do!?

  • Blind Labyrinth

    Anyone who doubts that the slymepit is indeed Atheist Misogyny Central should simply spend some time there and see for him or herself. I am confident that any fairminded person will come to a conclusion a lot closer to PZ’s rather than to that of mykeru, whose career of board bannings I’ve been following ever since his days on the old Mike Malloy message board. He’s essentially made a career out of being the biggest asshole on the internet, whining about “powerful women” (as though that in itself is somehow a problem). I realize a bitter divorce can bring out the worst in some people, but really, his venom is at this point infamous to the point of self-caricature.

    Robert Gross
    Believer and Skeptic Show
    Blind Labyrinth

    • Reap

      Why are you venting your frustrations with Mykeru here? Why don’t you take it up with him? I should also point out that Mykeru is but one of 600+ members of the slymepit forum. One person hardly provides a good sample of the attitudes there or in any other similar example. I do agree people should visit the slymepit for themselves and draw their own conclusions. I should add I have done a couple of podcasts w/ Mykeru and his attitude was not as you describe it here. Maybe you caught him on a bad day.

    • Mykeru

      I probably did get banned from the Mike Malloy message board a decade ago. It’s been so long I barely remember. Thanks for keeping fresh in your mind things that I have long forgotten. I can’t remember exactly what was the deal with the Mike Malloy board, but I do recall it was filled with a bunch of little sycophants, a core of “true believers” who would tolerate no dissent and proponents of the “If you aren’t with us, you’re an X” style of dog-piling. The same formulation that gets me labeled a misogynist, co-opted by feminists, a fascist and a commie at the same time. That you are now a follower of P.Z. Myers shows, if nothing else, consistency.