The Dishonorable PZ Myers


If all judges were like PZ Myers we would all be screwed

Not too long ago I wrote about how PZ Myers had removed the list he used to slander/libel people who had made him feel stupid/wrong/childish called “the dungeon”

I wondered if PZ had learned anything. Had he realized why his dungeon was unfair to people? Was he going to keep the focus of the argument on ideas instead of personal attacks or character assassination? It doesn’t seem he has learned much, in fact he has sunk to a new low.

PZ wrote a post titled What do you do when someone pulls the pin and hands you a grenade?

In that post he talks about accusations against Michael Shermer. Someone had contacted PZ and told a story. PZ takes it upon himself to present this information to the public along with his own feelings (bias). PZ acts as if this is a huge burden on his part and he had to give great thought to whether he was going to post the accusations or not.

Then he puts on his suit of armor, declares himself a noble knight and posts the information.

PZ has no idea if the accusations are true, none. Despite that he paints a picture of a poor victim who has no choice but to turn to PZ Myers and hope he can save anyone else from being a victim of something no one knows really happened.

I’m not saying that the person who contacted PZ is lying. I am saying PZ Myers knows jack shit about the situation. To him it is nothing more than gossip. I guess it is now PZ Myers duty to repeat anything he hears like a parrot never giving any real thought to whether it is true or not?

PZ tries to rationalize his behavior by saying he knows the person who contacted him. Big fucking deal. Just because PZ knows someone it does not make anything they say more or less true than if they were unknown to him. News flash PZ – Even people you know sometimes lie and sometimes the memories people have of an event are not completely accurate.

If I take into account the history PZ has of lying about people and repeating any accusations against others by his friends as factual then his credibility is less than zero. PZ is a known liar, he lied about me so I know this is a fact.

PZ acts like he is a judge and jury. At one point he says-

She’s also afraid that the person who assaulted her before could try to hurt her again.

And he follows with-

Do I stand up for the one who has no recourse, no way out, no other option to help others, or do I shelter the powerful big name guy from an accusation I can’t personally vouch for, except to say that I know the author, and that she’s not trying to acquire notoriety

Does that sound like an unbiased opinion? Who the fuck does PZ Myers think he is? Why does he insist on acting like he is still in high school? Over and over again he behaves in ways that you would expect to see when dealing with a 15 year old kid. His answer to critics is to lie, deny or name call. He dismisses people as assholes or morons and acts as if he is so superior that he need not even consider the opinions of those people, they are just stupid.


A jury of PZ Myers peers…

PZ is a classic example of someone who is too stupid to understand how dumb he is. He just floats along in a bubble of conceit casting judgement on people oblivious to the immature irresponsible idiocy he is spreading.

What if someone comes to PZ with accusations of child molestation against someone else? I guess we can count on PZ to repeat anything he hears about anyone as long as he judges the person making the accusation as credible.

I’d love to know if PZ Myers ever considered maybe he is wrong about the credibility of the person who contacted him. What if it is all wrong and the story is nothing like it was presented to him? Then what?

Don’t we have a justice system where people are innocent until proven guilty? There is a reason that system is in place. PZ Myers actions are what you get when you allow just any egotistical moron to cast judgement on others.

If what he has presented is true then it should be presented in public so the truth is known but reaching the truth takes much much more than PZ Myers uninformed opinion.

A responsible adult would have at least contacted Shermer and got the other side of the story. PZ didn’t even try. Yea that’s just great a lazy, biased, ignorant dolt is dealing out justice just what we need. Thanks PZ maybe you should run for a position as judge in MN.

If anything proves that atheism does not make you anything except a person who does not believe in god/gods, PZ does. He has proven that when he claimed he was no longer a skeptic it was the complete truth.

PZ, you have done enough damage to other people as well as yourself, please shut up. Not because I don’t want to hear another point of view but because I want to hear a informed, well thought out, unbiased point of view. You are not that by a long shot.

Of course when surrounded by his “horde” PZ thinks that the number of people who agree with him indicates whether he is wrong/right. Since most of the horde are mental midgets who toss out barbs of contempt and overwhelm any dissent with a flood of asininity there is little of value they provide to any debate. Their sole purpose seems to be to reinforce whatever PZ posts and to defend him even when faced with blatant examples of his hypocrisy.

Again remember I am not addressing whether the accusations PZ presented to the public are true/false. I am calling on PZ Myers to act like a responsible adult. I’m embarrassed for PZ that he has become so convinced of his inability to be be wrong that he is destroying other people’s lives. He could at least refrain from harming others.

PZ talks about how it will harm his reputation because he “outed” a big name skeptic. What is going to hurt him is the manner in  which he did so. Again PZ just isn’t bright enough to understand this fact. It’s no wonder he feels like other are always misunderstanding him he has no idea why a lot of things happen, the world is too complicated for him maybe.

What should now happen is people should inform PZ that what he did was wrong and why (for what good that will do). Hopefully he sees some legal action on behalf of Mr Shermer. David Silverman should go on public record and explain to PZ how wonderful he could be if he would just stop with “the shit”. Considering how David jumped on Justin Vacula for mistakenly posting an address I wonder how he feels about publicly accusing and basically blaming a person for rape without due process?

In case you hadn’t noticed I did try to stay out of the bullshit. I gave PZ credit for removal of the dungeon and then I shut my mouth. What happens when you leave people like PZ alone? SEE ABOVE.

That is why I am not going to just ignore him. PZ has the potential to be very dangerous to others due to his outright stupidity and over inflated ego. He can not just be left alone.


  • Outwest

    the accusation was not just as a rapist, but a serial rapist. I hope Shermer, if he’s even aware of all of this, has his attorney looking into filing a suit for libel.

  • Didgya

    I personally have seen accsations ruin people life. True or False PZ will use anything to try to be the “hero”. He is trying too hard and it makes me suspicious of his personal life. (What, PZ does it, can’t I muse irresponsibly) What a fuck stick. Keep it up Reap!

    • BreadGod

      PZ Myers is an opportunistic sociopath who is only interested in political gain. I hope Michael Shermer sues the shit out of him over this.

  • PZ Myers has neither confirmed nor denied that he rapes puppies on a regular basis.

    • Deucalion

      I have it on good authority that he does, indeed, rape puppies daily. One of my friend’s friends told her so, and she told me! Anonymous third hand accounts are valid as evidence, as far as PZ is concerned!

  • Bethie

    It’s no secret that PZ has had a hard on for Shermer for some time. I would trust only two words from his mouth. Hello, and goodbye. Yeah, Im going to seek the help of the old neighbor lady that screams at everyone to stay off her sidewalk (PZ acts just like that). I concur with the hopes of legal councel. Keep on him Reap.

  • Kevin Solway

    “People should inform PZ that what he did was wrong and why”

    I did exactly that, and he immediately banned me from his forum.

  • defecator

    Apparently thunderf00t has some more info from their little mailing list where they conspire against their dissenters. He tweets:

    “Going over the FTB mailing list (first time) looking for refs. to shermer. Found this “Abbie Smith and tf00t are already on the brownlist”

    “would you believe it, FTB have talked about hearsay accusations against Shermer for almost a year. I guess @PZmyers was lying -shocked!”

    Do the right thing and post the into, thunderf00t. You could be the hero that ultimately destroys this dangerous cult. This is the kind of evidence Shermer could take to court and destroy PZ and his co-conspirators (if what you say is true). DO IT!

  • Rick Wingrove

    Looks like PZ shit the bed this time. Shoulda hit delete instead of send.

    • MosesZD

      He can’t. He’s shown enough self-awareness that he might be sued. So, he’s stuck with it, else he’s destroying evidence which will prejudice his defense. As it stands, he’s already altered the post beyond his ‘updates’ in ways that, to me, give the appearance that he is trying to obfuscate that he was passing-on a second-hand account (as it originally read to me), not a first-hand account (as it now reads).

      At this point, while I used to like him. He’s become the biggest tumor in the atheist community and I hope he gets his ass sued back to the stone age while losing his job. It’d be a 100% karma payback and is no less than he deserves considering the lives he’s ruined or tried to ruin over the years.

      • BreadGod

        I think it’s safe to say that people like PZ Myers and Rebecca Watson have done far more harm to the atheist movement than any religious fundamentalist.

        • Ralph

          I couldn’t agree more. These two self-righteous, delusional liars make my skin crawl.

  • Dick Stroker

    God fucking damn it! I actually was coerced into reading something that P.Z. wrote. Thats the first time I’ve set browser on FTB in over a year. What should I do next Reap? Get a reading from Chip Coffey or send some money to Peter Popoff for a miracle?

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  • Theo Fensivatheist

    Shermer is left with little choice but litigation. I know what i would do but it has to be Michael’s choice. Unless he does something, this is going to hang over him. Myers is now OFFICIALLY the biggest asshole/freak on the fringe of what was (& i hope will be again) a healthy & united community against all the religious insanity out there but PZ has jumped the Shark & done serious damage. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law (For legal matters) exists for sensible reasons. It’s very sad that reason is something PZ parted with long ago.

  • Paul Coddington

    Just had a hilarious thought – what if the hoard are not real people, but turn out to be PZ sockpuppets? (;P)

    This morning I actually began to wonder if this is all part of PZs retirement plan (he makes noises about retirement in a later post): go out with a bang, take Shermer down with him, and be viewed by his fans as a martyr for the cause.

  • Lone Rook

    PZ Myers is a small man trying to be big on the internet. With his ivory tower blog and reactionary, sycophantic minions, he is starting to think he is above the law. It reminds me of the story of VenomFangX – someone so wrapped up in his own hollow power on the internet, he thought he could get away with more and more, until lawsuits put the fear of God into him.
    Myers is an academic nobody. His blog and his cries for attention deserve pity and ridicule. He will either evaporate into obscurity or go down in legal flames.

  • brianmacker

    The store PZ Myers swallowed was ridiculous. Refilling someone’s wine glass is not a crime but it was portrayed like it was. Turns out that Shermer has finally responded and there was a server their at the event pouring the drinks.