Stop Using GoDaddy


I’m gonna tell you a story about something that happened to me in the hopes it will keep it from happening to you or prevent you from needing to deal with the same kind of stupid crap logic.

I purchased a domain name to use on a project I was working on. Someone had a problem with me owning the domain name because they thought it would negatively effect them. Whether that is true or not isn’t important really. This person filed a complaint with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) over the right to the domain name which they have the right to do if they wish.

I had purchased identity protection from As soon as the complaint was filed they cancelled my identity protection. Those clowns have no idea why a person has purchased their service why would they just drop it and leave a person exposed? In my case it wasn’t a huge deal but it still pissed me off. What if the customer had reasons for using their service that would result in possible harm if their identity was made public. I’m sure that is rarely the case but it is a valid possibility.

So if you purchase a service to protect your identity keep in mind it can be foiled by someone simply filing a dispute complaint against you. Anyone can do it and as soon as they do you lose any control over the domain you paid for until it is resolved. I can understand preserving evidence but that isn’t why they drop your service, nothing is preserved by that action. So that was10 bucks down the drain when I had done nothing wrong and no one had proved I did.

Then godaddy charges me $50 because of the dispute. Keep in mind no guilt had been proven to exist it had simply been a case of someone accusing me of being guilty. It could have been someone who had no real interest in the domain whatsoever. Godaddy and had no factual data on which to base their actions. The dispute should have had no effect on me except that my domain became locked to prevent it from being transferred to another party or evidence being destroyed.

The only reason godaddy could automatically take $50 from my bank account was because I had auto payments set up to renew my webhosting accounts with godaddy. Those hosting accounts were for domains completely unconnected to the the domain name in dispute. Here is the email trail….

Oct 16
Dear daniel paden,We recently received an inquiry related to your domain name, . The specific inquiry related to your domain name can be described as follows: 


We have received notification that a legal complaint on the domain name(s) has been filed through the World Intellectual Property Organization, Please with any questions.

In accordance with our registration agreement,, we have charged your credit card in the amount of $50.00 for our processing of this inquiry.  

If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact our customer service center.

Thank you for your continued business,

Oct 16
 I don’t know what gave you the idea it was okay to just take $50 from me over a dispute about a domain that hasn’t even been resolved yet.. You are violating a trust I had when allowing you to automatically bill me for CLEARLY AGREED UPON AUTHORIZED SERVICES. I did not knowingly okay automatic payments so that you could just withdraw whatever amount you wish for whatever reason.Why would anyone do that? Do not feed me any terms of service excuse as you must know any such excuse is weak and the charge was never made clear to me at the time I authorized automatic payments on SEVERAL of my accounts.What I found referring to domain disputes was repetitive and mentioned nothing about any $50.00 fee. The only dollar amounts mentioned are Redemption fees currently $80.00 USD and a $25.00 processing fee for all check payments. There is no other mention of specific costs. It would be reasonable for a person to assume no extra costs are involved otherwise the dollar amounts related would be posted just like the others.
 Another point is that I am being charged for actions that are out of my control. I had nothing to do with the complaint. The complaint is using misleading information to manipulate the fair use of common words. I am basically being billed by you because other people are idiots.
 The behavior and practices demonstrated here are the reason we will see more regulation on the internet. The violation of trust and the attempt to quiet dissent are pretty plain to see and it is disappointing especially from your company.We have had a good relationship up until now  
 I am respectfully requesting a credit for the $50. If you agree to this then I will be happy to continue my current hosting accounts with godaddy. If you balk at my request.It is going to cost you far more than $50 in lost revenue. Can we use some common sense? Also you may  want to amend your service agreement
Daniel Paden
On Thursday, October 17, 2013 12:14 PM, disputes <> wrote:
Dear Daniel Paden,
Thank you for contacting us. The domain name B*******.NET has been named in a domain dispute filed through the World Intellectual Property Organization ( As a result, the domain name has been placed on registrar-lock and will remain locked until we are directed otherwise by WIPO.
We have also charged a $50 fee for processing the legal dispute. You may wish to review our Registration Agreement for more information regarding administrative fees at
This fee is refundable only if the decision is found in your favor.
Kindest Regards,
David Castano
Disputes Administrator
To godaddy disputes
Oct 17
That is fine. You keep the $50 and also keep in mind that it is going to cost your company more in lost revenue. It is a bad policy which is hidden in a sea of repetitive policies/procedures in the agreement. If you would pass this along to whoever is responsible for the wording maybe it would be helpful in the future so you can be a bit more transparent and up front about the circumstances in which you will take someones money. How hard is it to put a line in addressing this obviously routine fee in this circumstance. It feels as though godaddy has placed a wager on my innocence or guilt in a system that is unfamiliar to me. i have no funds for a lawyer yet I am battling the legal team for a million dollar company. The same company that has screwed me and many others out of a job. I am currently looking for work and I seriously doubt that godaddy needs my $50 more than I do. I have kept my accounts here while my income is limited because I thought it was money well spent now it turns out I would be better off not dealing with you. I expected more than “too bad for you” but  it is the best you can offer so I have little choice but to act accordingly. Thanks for the support (fyi- sarcasm)
Danny Paden 

———- Original Message ———-
Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 4:30 PM
Subject: Domains By Proxy Media InquiryFirst name: Reap

Last name: Paden

Email address:

Phone number: 5*******

Message: You cancelled my service because of a dispute. I have not even been found in violation of anything.  I am going to talk about my experience with your company on all  of my podcasts as well as on my blog. I will also be posting about this failure on my twitter and facebook. I will also ask for all of my co-hosts to do the same. Any opportunity to inform people to avoid your service will be taken advantage of. Your poor service will cost you. Pass this along since the procedure for contacting anyone there who isn’t a mindless idiot doesn’t seem to exist.

 I must have yelled loud enough cause the CEO replies-The Office of The CEO GoDaddyTo Me
 Oct 17
Dear Mr. Paden,Your concerns have been shared with the Office of the CEO.

The cancellation of your service was not the result of a violation, nor are we saying you are guilty of anything.  The service was canceled to comply with ICANN’s Dispute Resolution Policy.  For further information on when the service may be canceled, please review the Domain Name Proxy Agreement located at

Best Regards,

Todd Cluff
Office of the CEO – GoDaddy
1***5 N. Hayden Rd. Suite ***
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 505-**** Phone
(480) 275-**** Fax


To The Office of The CEO GoDaddy
Oct 17
You can inform me of policy all day long. You must know there is a reason I purchased the service in the first place. I figured unless there was a court order I would have no need to worry. This entire process is a joke. I have also been billed $50 that I can get back if  WIPO finds in my favor? So you are placing a wager with my own money? I am up against the lawyers for a large chain of companies. I have no funds for a lawyer due to the fact this same company put me out of a job. Many others have also had long careers cut short with no notice and no compensation or compassion. With no legal representation how can I be expected to defend myself on a level that will make it even fair? The internet has made it possible for a wronged individual to answer large entities when they do harm. No longer must a person just accept that the fate handed to them by a group of overpaid corporate CEOs (no offense) . This process seems to be skewed and work against that concept. To be honest your polices and the way you have some of those policies hidden in a sea of repetitive babble only makes this entire ordeal more unfair and difficult as I now have to take time to address this crap when I could be learning about a process I know nothing about. I’m not telling lies about anyone, quite the opposite and while I know you have no concern for my cause I would hope maybe you would consider some of my points and make changes that at least better inform the customer what they can expect and exactly how little it takes to lose the service they paid for. Your company is going to lose revenue because of this policy. It’s not going to break you but why keep a policy that costs you money and is in fact based on an assumption of guilt? The terms of service or service agreement does not change the facts it has no such power. The entire process was set in motion by an accusation made by another party how can any negative effects on me not be from an assumption of guilt? You are not preserving evidence you are punishing me based on an accusation you don’t know to be true supported by a process that appears at least on the surface be biased.  How hard is that to understand? 
Thanks for your time. I know business is business, trust me. I have heard the phrase plenty over the last 3 months. I have also learned that it does not excuse any and all behaviors.
Danny Paden  
So I went to paypal and told them my story and explained about godaddy and their bullshit. Turns out they agreed with me

To Me
Nov 14
Hello D Paden,We’ve finished reviewing your unauthorized activity claim and you’ll
receive a refund for the transaction amount. It may take up to 5 business
days for the funds to appear in your account.

Details of Disputed Transaction

Seller’s Name:, LLC
Seller’s Email:
Seller’s Transaction ID: 6

Transaction Date: Oct 16, 2013
Transaction Amount: -$50.00 USD
Invoice ID: USD_5000
Your Transaction ID:
Case Number:

Buyer’s Transaction ID: 0

So consider yourself educated about godaddy and it’s CEO who doesn’t grasp the concept of innocent until proven guilty and likes to gamble with customers money. Although I assume the same thing will or could probably happen no matter who you buy a domain with. The system is flawed and needs to be fixed so that it better reflects the basic rights we should have and have come to expect as Americans.
 I’ll wrap this up by saying- Fuck You godaddy you lose and you lost my business too