Adam Lee- Hey Look! There’s Nothing To See Here!


Adam Lee

Hey everyone! Guess what?!

Adam Lee needs some attention again. Yes, I knew it would happen too…

Adam writes about a radio guest spot he did here

After reading his blog post I felt a need to tell Adam directly how I felt about a couple of things. Since we all know Adam Lee is not exactly dependable when it comes to comment integrity I figured I would post my comments here where they are safe from any editing or lost as a result of irresponsible comment handling practices. A couple of lines stood out in his blog post.

• “I’ve never met a feminist who didn’t hate men,” he said. I bet the denizens of the Slymepit would find a lot to talk about with this guy.

Adam, honestly you are one of the most not intelligent and dishonest people I have come across in some time.
     Do you realize there are almost 600 members of the slymepit forum. I think it is safe to say that if you make such suggestions  then you can not possibly be speaking from an informed position and are being unfair to those people. Meanwhile you continue to spout off about equal this and respectful that, you are full of shit.
    I just listened to your guest spot on the radio. You will hear more from me on it soon (or see more I should say) I wonder why it is you could go out and shout at the world there is no problem with atheist harassment except for the problem atheists have with harassment.( WTF?!) But you will not engage other atheist over the issue in a public debate. Do you really want the problem solved or not?

  How is that more likely to happen by telling believers about it? Do you think people are not becoming atheists because they are worried about sexual harassment? If they weren’t worried about it before they might be now ..all thanks to you. You’re helping , yay us! We are so lucky to have an inept fella like you on our side.

The other one was this-

• The other caller who said I was the “best-versed atheist [he’d] ever heard”. Thanks! ~Adam ‘gloat’ Lee

I’m guessing Adam didn’t hear the part where the caller points out it was sarcasm and how it applied to his compliment of Adam .  Sorry Adam, maybe next time you do something stupid  you will get a compliment. That makes  for lots of opportunity 🙁


Then I get to the podcast of Adam sharing his vast wisdom with a religious radio talk show host. That can be found here

Note: Skip to about 1:26:00: to hear Adam talking if you are so inclined.


Now after listening to Adam’s appearance on the show. I will be fair and say he did fine on the usual topics, morality, thoughts etc. They should be easy to knock out.

I do have a problem with Adam and his lack of common sense on other matters which I addressed on his comment section but will repost here for the readers who do not wish to suffer the pain of Adam Lee’s blog.


Way to go Adam I love the part where you say there are some racists/sexist people in the atheist community just as there are in any large group of people so you started a petition to let everyone know the the racists are just a small minority. Great work helping get the word out that there are racists but we shouldn’t listen to them. You ever think it would be better to not draw attention to them? Do you realize the number of people who are going to make a connection between atheists and racism/sexism went up as soon as they heard you telling them about it? Do you think the religious listener base of this show is going to hear anything past that? Then you give as an example some prominent atheist women have been attacked by this small minority and we want them to stop. Oh, by the way Adam you forgot to mention this all happened on the internet. I am curious why you would come on a religious program and discuss your little petition when there are much more appropriate topics that could be discussed when your audience is mainly believers.  Even if the host insisted on the subject you could have downplayed the issue. IMO we have enough people hating and judging us on false assumptions. Why would you not only offer another reason to dislike atheists but validate it and present it as enough of a problem to need a petition to stop it? I should also note you feel it is productive to bring sexual harassment by atheists up as a topic on a radio show with mostly religious listeners but you won’t discuss the problem with the people you think comprise the problem?  Is this the best you could think of? Don’t answer that. you obviously are more interested in attention and getting compliments dripping with sarcasm.

I bet you think that takes care of Adam’s junkie-like need for attention, don’t you? Well you are incorrect. Thanks for coming on the show. We have some lovely parting gifts for you.That will include another blog on Adam Lee being irresponsible and more!

Stay tuned….