Adam Lee- Contradict Much?

     Adam Lee seems to think atheism is a wonderful example of freedom …that is as long as you behave  according to his petition. NEWS FLASH Adam Lee!! No one needed a petition from you in order to behave like respectful adults. This isn’t junior high. Adults will respond better to being treated like adults. Assuming they can not attend a social gathering without instruction on how to behave is insulting, Assuming it is your place to educate people on what is obvious is painfully arrogant of you. Your public comments declaring harassment among atheists at conferences is irresponsible. Your claim that there is an existing threat to atheist women consisting of other atheists is just plain stupid. There is no evidence to support this. Your opinion that some people are atheists solely in order to harass other people and /or women demonstrates a lack of ability to form an educated opinion on this issue.  If you can show proof the things you are saying and providing media soundbites of are true then do so. Otherwise refrain from spreading disinformation and  take your place in the community alongside everyone else. We do not need a spokesperson who does not have a good grasp of the subject. You should however be thanked for providing the entertainment portion of the blog. As seen below. As it turns out you are useful after all.

Adam Lee- Contradict Much? by reapsowradio