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Divide and Conquer?



   I keep thinking PZ Myers will get it. One morning he will wake up, look in the mirror and have a sudden epiphany. He will finally realize that he doesn’t know everything and it’s been obvious to everyone the entire time. The hypocrisy he has displayed will give him a feeling of embarrassment that washes over him as if he had jumped into a pool of ice water. The character assassinations he has been guilty of will give him the same feeling of regret one would have after waking up naked on a park bench after a night of drinking. The name calling would cause him to imagine his dignity falling out of his body onto the floor wiggling around as if a pair of hands were grasping it and choking it to death until it withered into what resembled a dried up leaf and blew away. All the lies, bullshit, and excuses that seemed so clever at the time now are now revealed to him for what they really were, childish attempts to cover up behavior that should have been unthinkable. Suddenly he sees through the eyes of all the reasonable, rational people of the world and comes to the conclusion it is far past the time to shut the fuck up.

I couldn’t be more mistaken. Instead he offers this-This is not an update

Remember when Dick Carrier called for people to pick which side they wanted to be on? You were either A+ or you were less than A+. Dick stopped just short of calling for fighting in the streets. It took an overwhelming rejection of Dick and his dickish ideas on a youtube video of him at the 2013 American Atheist convention to drive the point home. It wasn’t easy to convince Dick he could be wrong. It is possible he is still convinced it’s all a bad dream and is just playing along until he wakes up and gets a chance to kick some non A+ ass.

Despite the public voting down the A+ rhetoric and ignoring calls to actively divide the atheist/skeptic community the first time around, PZ thinks it’s a good idea to make that call once again. Let me make sure you all understand what my point is- PZ Myers is actively calling for people to choose sides on a issue that has become the biggest dividing force among atheist/skeptic activists. Does anyone think this is a good suggestion? What kind of example are we if we can’t get along?

What rational, sane person would do this? What intelligent, educated adult makes such a childish public demand of people? In case PZ doesn’t know it there were already enough sides before he tried to force his ideology on all of us and condemn anyone who doesn’t agree completely with whatever he tells them to.

Sexual harassment? PZ says it is bad, bad, bad! The predatory habits of old white men must be stopped! They are running rampant and harassing women constantly! Oh, unless they do this…this is okay as long as your name is PZ.

In this case it was just a “joke”. Or the subject was reproduction, how else could PZ possibly make his point except by suggesting his volunteer make her way to his hotel room?

News flash PZ. I don’t think there is a company in the country that would be okay with the behavior demonstrated here and I’m not even going to mention the suggestion you make to the woman introducing you that she “dance” then you tell her to “go away”.  You dismiss her because you “have work to do”. The man has work to do. it doesn’t matter if it is a joke or not PZ it can still be harassment. If someone in the audience finds it offensive, it is harassment.

Before you keep on harping about people picking sides and warning them about people who may or may not be guilty of harassing women. You need to check your own behavior. You never even showed enough awareness to admit you were guilty of making a bad call when propositioning a woman on a stage in front of an entire conference. You think gossip is enough to say whatever you want about someone else cause we aren’t in a court of law. But when you are on video clearly behaving in a fashion just as bad as anyone you have been critical of if not worse it is no big deal. Who the fuck convinced you that you are better than anyone else? What makes your intentions pure but anyone else’s sinister? Because you were doing it in plain sight you couldn’t have had any improper intent?  Criminals have been known to claim that the best way to commit a crime is “in plain sight”  cause no one expects it and a great defense is “why would I commit a crime in plain sight? I’m not stupid”

Or we can follow the example PZ sets when it comes to compassion for rape victims. What kind of cold bastard would make a joke of rape? Well funny you asked, this kind.

I’m not sure what weak excuse PZ came up with for this crap but if I had to guess…I’d say…it was.. “Reap Paden is a ranting asshole”  that’s a logic embraced by “the horde of morons”. The screeching socially dysfunctional commenters  that reside in the Pharyngula basement will constantly dismiss any valid points because they don’t like the person making those points.

If any of those little feeble minded horders is reading this I’d like to inform them that calling people names, telling people to kill themselves, or using “shut the fuck up and go away”  to support your point doesn’t make your point any stronger and it doesn’t make you tough or intimidating. The Pharyngula comment section isn’t quite the model of a tough intelligent place where smart people don’t take any shit that you seem to see it as. What kind of people feel like they need to attack EVERY SINGLE instance of a person saying anything that doesn’t fit into your bubble? What is so hard about leaving people alone to voice their differing opinion and letting the reader make up their own mind?  The way you all give each other “virtual high fives” as you squash any and every contrasting opinion makes me embarrassed for you. The way you think it is an achievement when you verbally abuse another person for simply not sharing your point of view is a very sad commentary on your life. The way you belittle people who point out your petty and juvenile behavior is pitiful. You are like drunks who are trying to make fun of the guy who called you an alcoholic but you have trouble getting the words out due to the shakes. You end up laughing at your own joke but no one else could understand what the fuck you were saying so they just walk away slowly as you continue to try and high five each other and mumble insults. yet you still consider yourself some kind of force or threat. The only thing you are a threat to is yourselves. I can say that there has never been one single instance of my feeling anything close to threatened by any of ya. It’s laughable.


 I’m not gonna pick a “side” the suggestion sounds childish, it’s just more from the playground bully. Even though I’ve come to expect as much from PZ I still have an optimistic hope for an epiphany.


PZ world

Planet PZ Myers

PZ world

PZ doesn’t think the world revolves around him. He thinks it is all about him


PZ has a new post up. You can find it here.

It’s called The Scarlet Crayon of Atheism. Yes, it is as bad as the title, maybe worse. I guess even crayons are too much for PZ to handle. He moves around and trips over himself so much it is hard to know exactly what the hell he is talking about but here it goes.

He says-

I’ve been trying to understand how people — not just people, but self-declared “leaders of the atheist movement” — can claim that atheism is only the lack of belief in any gods, and further, that absence of god-belief entails no other significant consequences. It’s been difficult, because that way of thinking is alien to me; atheism for me is all tangled up in naturalism and scientific thinking, and it’s not just a single, simple cause but has a whole cascade of meaning. But I’m trying, and I think I’m beginning to get it. There is a reasonable way to regard atheism as important while at the same time limiting its import.

As you can see PZ explains he lacks the ability to understand other ways of thinking. At least he is trying to get it.(so he says) He still has a long way to go. First he is going to have to understand that definitions are important.

Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities. Most inclusively, atheism is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist.Atheism is contrasted with theism,which in its most general form is the belief that at least one deity exists.

I really am sorry PZ can’t grasp this concept but I really would like him to quit spreading his ignorance around. He has his own definition for atheism, I get that, but the rest of the world has a say in it too and they don’t give a shit that a Biology teacher in Minnesota wants the definition changed according to his wishes.

One of his big problems is he gives too much credit to religion without acknowledging where religion came from. He talks as though god did exist at one time and then atheists came along with evolution in hand and suddenly god just disappeared. Now he wants to fight the residual effects of this god that once influenced mankind.

Man created religion and it represents mankind. PZ claims that religion has been the reason or justification for slavery and why women are thought to be inferior to men. Homosexuality is condemned by religion too so that must be the cause for discrimination. Sure religion has justified those things but there was never a god who created those biases. Mankind did it and will keep on doing it until it stops doing it.

Homophobia existed before Christianity In ancient Greece the practice was thought to be “unnatural”

The Sioux Indians made their women walk 5 steps behind the men. There were clear gender roles and they were not dictated by Christianity or any other religious practice. Even if they had been we would have to go back and think about who created that belief system. It wasn’t god.

Of course there were many who were tolerant of homosexuality just as many are becoming more tolerant now. We do not allow slavery in the USA anymore yet 80% of Americans claim to be religious. Getting rid of religion does not stop bad social practices. PZ is constantly complaining about the misogynist atheist he thinks are running rampant (paranoid much PZ?) doesn’t that give him a clue about the relation between religion and social issues?

PZ says-

Being an atheist means you can no longer learn your moral code by rote and tradition and obedience to authority*, but have to rely on reason and empathy and greater human goals, and you don’t get to justify actions simply because they “feel” right or good — you have to support them with evidence or recognition that they directly serve a secular purpose

So we now need a “secular purpose” for helping a disabled person get their wheelchair through a door? Is it just me or does PZ’s claim that there must be a secular reason sound strangely like there must be some sort of reward ?What about this- Your moral code must benefit secularism in a testable way? or You must do good because it will please god. Too much alike for me. I will continue to help people because they need it and because it makes me feel good.

PZ continues-

Thank you to those who are willing to stand up for atheism simply as a matter of choice and principle, but you should know and be warned that we intend to change the world. We are more dangerous than you can even imagine. And apparently, more dangerous than even some atheists can imagine.

I can agree with that statement. PZ’s way of thinking is dangerous but not in the way he claims it to be. It’s a matter of possessing just enough knowledge of a subject to be dangerous. Social matters are something PZ is not good at. He seems to have a grade school knowledge of the subject. He fails to understand the complexities of social interaction and that is why he gets so much push-back. Add the fact he is an egotistical dick and it magnifies his ability to fail. When PZ jokes about never being wrong….it isnt a joke to him. He really thinks he is above everyone else, smarter, more experienced. PZ is so awesome he can change the definitions of words as he sees fit.

I don’t disagree with the belief that women should be treated as equals. I don’t think anyone has the right to discriminate against other people for the way they were born.

PZ doesn’t scare me nor does his little gang of baby chicken commenters. If you have ever seen PZ post outside of his little blog, he gets his head handed to him on a regular basis. Outside of his echo chamber none of his rhetoric can stand up.That is why he doesn’t debate and refuses to even have a conversation with people that disagree with him. He knows his house is made of wet paper. PZ is a twerp he uses his condescension to cover up his lack of spine. He doesn’t have to make time for you, you don’t have anything of value to say, you don’t get to tell him how to spend his time. All lame excuses. He sits at home nice and safe while he puffs up his chest and beats off on the internet. As soon as someone mentions actually making him back up his big talk he starts cowering and looking for a place to hide.

It finally ends like this-

I have to add that many theists also accept a secular morality — they may like their religion, but they also recognize that you must have a better excuse for community action than “god said so.”

PZ, you should have a better reason for the shit you do than “god doesn’t exist” Religion isn’t the reason for all the social injustice in the world and non-belief isn’t a cure. What we need is less people like you who can’t find a middle ground and only want to impose your thinking on the world whether they like it or not because you know what is good for them better than they do. You don’t.




Going Postal On Atheists


Time Magazine did a report on a German footwear company that says the packages it sends are taking longer to reach their destination or getting lost completely more often than they should. The company is named Atheist Shoes and uses tape that bears the company name on the packages.

The company did its own test to see if the tape made a difference. While not an official study some of the results were interesting. One package sent to Michigan took 37 days longer to reach its destination than another unmarked package. A package with the ‘atheist’ tape was also more than 10x more likely to be lost.  The company has stopped using the tape and says it’s delivery times have improved.

This could be just a stunt to bring some easy exposure to the show company. Such a story would be noticed mostly by atheists and the company brands itself as for “people who don’t believe in god(s).”

I thought it would be interesting to do my own test and see what came of it. I won’t be able to account for all variables but I think maybe we could see if there are any obvious delays that could call for further research. I’ll be sending envelopes instead of packages and I’ll print something like “ATHEIST INFORMATION” on the envelope.

Anyone who would like to help with this can contact me through  the contact page. I’ll need addresses to send the letters to. Let’s keep em in the US since the company reported no problems with shipping delays in Europe…..figures.


re·per·cus·sion(s)  (rpr-kshn, rpr-)

Definition of REPERCUSSION

2a : an action or effect given or exerted in return : a reciprocal action or effect


b : a widespread, indirect, or unforeseen effect of an act, action, or event —usually used in plural

3. A reflection, especially of sound.
 First I need to say thanks to Skeeve for offering to host this blog at AtheistsToday.
It seems like a good idea to introduce myself so any readers will be aware of who it is pecking away at the keys.
 Most people online call me Reap and some people in real life do too. I’m not going to tell you the story behind the name this time but I may do that in a future blog. It’s a long story so I will just say that I am resourceful enough so that few people victimize me and get away without some sort of repercussions.
 I feel strongly that people should be held accountable for their actions and it is difficult for me to sit and watch while others are treated badly, made to feel unhappy, unfairly discriminated against, or taken advantage of by others. I also have no love for liars and hypocrites.
I’ve raised a daughter as a single father ( I have had some help at times) My daughter is an intelligent, self-confident woman with a great sense of humor and I am very proud of her. I also have a son who is disabled with severe cerebral palsy. He has taught me much about myself, and life. I have also learned that the reason many people like to complain about petty things because they have had a life uninterrupted by any type of crisis or real need. They don’t realize how lucky they have it and I’m happy about  that while at the same time being disgusted by  it. I hope those people never learn the hard way how shallow and stupid they are but I also wish they would shut up and quit acting like spoiled punks.I’m talking to you Jason Thibeault. They only thing worse than that type are the types that should know better but still lack empathy.
 You may have noticed by now I’m not exactly an English major but I manage to get my point across most times. I do know the difference between there, their, and they’re as well as your and you’re. As long as the occasional run-on sentence doesn’t make your head explode you will be okay I think.
 I work in a unique business that allows me to be an IT geek as well as a tech in management.
 I started writing purely to speak out against internet bullies. When I say bullies I don’t mean people who follow others on twitter, those who make photoshop images mocking their foes, or trolls in any form. I mean real bullies who will try to ruin your real life because they can’t manage to laugh at themselves or aren’t witty enough to keep up.
 The paranormal community was where I started writing and calling out cons who were out to dupe people. A guy who said he could talk to the dead on a broken radio git pissed cause I called him out about his $200 charges for a ‘session’ with his telephone that talks to the dead. I’ve talked to Tom Biscardy about bigfoot. I co-hosted a podcast with a guy who thought aliens were dropping cows in trees for a while. I produced a show called The Ghost Divas and winced as they annoyed Michael Shermer with so much BS I felt I needed to apologize for not warning him ahead of time. I’ve written articles about skepticism for a website called “Haunted America Tours” and  “Eye on the Paranormal
 I’ve called out psychics who victimize children on TV named Chip Coffey and ones like Robbie Tomas who made threats about my children when he couldn’t get to me.
 Peter Popoff  has been known to send me gifts at least before I started posting videos and blogging about him. I loathe Kevin Trudeau and anyone else who victimizes people for a living.
 Ive worked to get the ten commandments off the land at the local zoo and helped organize local atheists.
 My podcast ReapSowRadio has been heard weekly since 2008 and I’ve talked one on one with 117 atheists for the Angry Atheist podcast.
 People have described me as “the nicest guy” and “the biggest foul mouthed asshole” they have ever met. I probably fit both descriptions.
  I would love to tell  you more and there is plenty more to tell but I think you should have an idea who is pecking away here.
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 I’m still getting the place unpacked so don’t mind the mess while I get it organized. It’s nice to meet you we will talk more later, trust me.