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Adam Lee- Contradict Much?

     Adam Lee seems to think atheism is a wonderful example of freedom …that is as long as you behave  according to his petition. NEWS FLASH Adam Lee!! No one needed a petition from you in order to behave like respectful adults. This isn’t junior high. Adults will respond better to being treated like adults. Assuming they can not attend a social gathering without instruction on how to behave is insulting, Assuming it is your place to educate people on what is obvious is painfully arrogant of you. Your public comments declaring harassment among atheists at conferences is irresponsible. Your claim that there is an existing threat to atheist women consisting of other atheists is just plain stupid. There is no evidence to support this. Your opinion that some people are atheists solely in order to harass other people and /or women demonstrates a lack of ability to form an educated opinion on this issue.  If you can show proof the things you are saying and providing media soundbites of are true then do so. Otherwise refrain from spreading disinformation and  take your place in the community alongside everyone else. We do not need a spokesperson who does not have a good grasp of the subject. You should however be thanked for providing the entertainment portion of the blog. As seen below. As it turns out you are useful after all.

Adam Lee- Contradict Much? by reapsowradio

Adam Lee- Hey Look! There’s Nothing To See Here!


Adam Lee

Hey everyone! Guess what?!

Adam Lee needs some attention again. Yes, I knew it would happen too…

Adam writes about a radio guest spot he did here


After reading his blog post I felt a need to tell Adam directly how I felt about a couple of things. Since we all know Adam Lee is not exactly dependable when it comes to comment integrity I figured I would post my comments here where they are safe from any editing or lost as a result of irresponsible comment handling practices. A couple of lines stood out in his blog post.

• “I’ve never met a feminist who didn’t hate men,” he said. I bet the denizens of the Slymepit would find a lot to talk about with this guy.

Adam, honestly you are one of the most not intelligent and dishonest people I have come across in some time.
     Do you realize there are almost 600 members of the slymepit forum. I think it is safe to say that if you make such suggestions  then you can not possibly be speaking from an informed position and are being unfair to those people. Meanwhile you continue to spout off about equal this and respectful that, you are full of shit.
    I just listened to your guest spot on the radio. You will hear more from me on it soon (or see more I should say) I wonder why it is you could go out and shout at the world there is no problem with atheist harassment except for the problem atheists have with harassment.( WTF?!) But you will not engage other atheist over the issue in a public debate. Do you really want the problem solved or not?

  How is that more likely to happen by telling believers about it? Do you think people are not becoming atheists because they are worried about sexual harassment? If they weren’t worried about it before they might be now ..all thanks to you. You’re helping , yay us! We are so lucky to have an inept fella like you on our side.

The other one was this-

• The other caller who said I was the “best-versed atheist [he’d] ever heard”. Thanks! ~Adam ‘gloat’ Lee

I’m guessing Adam didn’t hear the part where the caller points out it was sarcasm and how it applied to his compliment of Adam .  Sorry Adam, maybe next time you do something stupid  you will get a compliment. That makes  for lots of opportunity 🙁


Then I get to the podcast of Adam sharing his vast wisdom with a religious radio talk show host. That can be found here

Note: Skip to about 1:26:00: to hear Adam talking if you are so inclined.


Now after listening to Adam’s appearance on the show. I will be fair and say he did fine on the usual topics, morality, thoughts etc. They should be easy to knock out.

I do have a problem with Adam and his lack of common sense on other matters which I addressed on his comment section but will repost here for the readers who do not wish to suffer the pain of Adam Lee’s blog.


Way to go Adam I love the part where you say there are some racists/sexist people in the atheist community just as there are in any large group of people so you started a petition to let everyone know the the racists are just a small minority. Great work helping get the word out that there are racists but we shouldn’t listen to them. You ever think it would be better to not draw attention to them? Do you realize the number of people who are going to make a connection between atheists and racism/sexism went up as soon as they heard you telling them about it? Do you think the religious listener base of this show is going to hear anything past that? Then you give as an example some prominent atheist women have been attacked by this small minority and we want them to stop. Oh, by the way Adam you forgot to mention this all happened on the internet. I am curious why you would come on a religious program and discuss your little petition when there are much more appropriate topics that could be discussed when your audience is mainly believers.  Even if the host insisted on the subject you could have downplayed the issue. IMO we have enough people hating and judging us on false assumptions. Why would you not only offer another reason to dislike atheists but validate it and present it as enough of a problem to need a petition to stop it? I should also note you feel it is productive to bring sexual harassment by atheists up as a topic on a radio show with mostly religious listeners but you won’t discuss the problem with the people you think comprise the problem?  Is this the best you could think of? Don’t answer that. you obviously are more interested in attention and getting compliments dripping with sarcasm.

I bet you think that takes care of Adam’s junkie-like need for attention, don’t you? Well you are incorrect. Thanks for coming on the show. We have some lovely parting gifts for you.That will include another blog on Adam Lee being irresponsible and more!

Stay tuned….






PZ “boo-hoo” Myers and the failed experiment

Science works once again

Science works once again

PZ Myers, the bad boy of atheism. The guy who bans any critics who don’t bow to the will of his commenters (the horde-see below) with a gleeful laugh.  The fella who pissed off Catholics by using a cracker as his prop. The dude who has been screaming misogynist at anyone who opposes his brand of feminism. The dick who publicly posted that I was a racist, sexist, ranting asshole with no credibility and no right to criticize any of his ‘horde’. The list goes on. He has posted a blog that indicates he lives in a bubble (see here) Not only does he live in a bubble but he has something stuffed in his ears and a blindfold on too I guess.


PZ says-

I have a blog that ridicules creationism by dismantling their idiotic arguments, and that isn’t even obsessive about that…and definitely isn’t focused exclusively on just a few individuals.


Yea, he hits and runs. He doesn’t need to focus on any one person for long cause he bans them.  He does his damage and moves on.  PZ has made any exchange with him difficult if not impossible. You find him talking shit on his blog and twitter, never allowing anyone to answer his bullshit in the same forum as it was originally posted.  “You are free not to read” he says. Yea but everyone else reads it.  Does PZ think people know when he is incorrect?  Does PZ Myers ever admit he is wrong when he makes claims about a person’s character?  Does PZ think no one believes a word he says? I would assume people who read PZ will usually (unless they know better) take his word as accurate and credible.  He may know something about biology, after all he went to school to learn it. He has studied it for years. He can not say the same about the people he has called stupid assholes or idiots. He can not claim the same knowledge about all the members of the slymepit who he has described as misogynists, and evil. No one from the forum is even allowed to comment on PZ’s blog on any level without being banned.

Another way PZ defends his being a dick to people on his blog is by telling people “You are free to create you own blog on blogger or create a youtube channel”. People can then answer to all the ways PZ has been wrong or a jerk. Problem there is the audience that needs to hear it most probably never will. I am lucky because I have an audience for my blog and my podcast has a decent listener base but not everyone has that. I doubt you would hear PZ say I had anyone reading or listening to me. My show is shit according to him. Just like when he said Justin Vacula was no leader in the atheist movement. So PZ claims Justin is a nobody in the movement and then trashes him? How is that fair? Unless PZ is retarded he is well aware that some of the people he trashes could never respond in a way that could reach the same audience.  That is called being a bully, harassing someone who can’t defend themselves in a manner equal to your attack  There is one thing about the internet, once you put something on it, it never goes away completely.  That means you should be responsible when posting anything that could tarnish a person’s reputation or do them harm.  PZ has an ego problem, he thinks he is infallible, he is tragically mistaken.

Pz Myers says

It wasn’t until I annoyed a subset of atheists that the real harassment began. Serious harassment. People who have no lives and think the most important thing to do every day is to pour out their hatred for me, or Rebecca Watson, or Ophelia Benson, or anyone on the Atheism+ forum. I’m not talking principled disagreement or even stupid disagreement: I mean commitment to do any dumbass thing they can to lash out, and being driven by hatred for a few people.


I’ve made this point before a long time ago. PZ Myers started fucking with the wrong group of people when he started being a dick to atheists/skeptics.  He is  too dumb to understand the difference between being a dick to people who believe in something that is easy to prove false and being a dick to people because they have a different opinion on social issues. The people he has been talking shit about aren’t wrong just because they don’t agree with him. Most of the people who are critical are critical of his methods not his goals anyways. Why PZ is too stupid to figure this out after all this time I don’t know but it indicates he may be too damn lazy to listen to anyone’s side of things but his. He has a habit of not listening to the opposing view and that results in stupidity, duh PZ.


PZ can’t say I didn’t warn him. I told him the push-back grows each day.  The blog posts that are telling the truth about his actions are growing in numbers. The youtube videos are piling up, head high. The number of people  who have been treated like shit by “the horde” (also known as the mighty morons) grows too. People who contribute nothing like Caine and Brownian (Anthony K) are just another aspect of the problem PZ can’t quite grasp. There are people who are killing any productive discussion and they are regulars in his comment section.  He strokes them like they are his pets and they purrrrrrr things like “fuck off you stupid fuck, go die slowly”



I warned him about this fallout but he dismissed my comment, disemvoweled it, then piled some more insults on top.  That’s fine, he can do that and I can address everything he does that is unfair, rude, unproductive, and harmful to the truth, which is what I have been doing.  Some people want to call me obsessed but I’m obsessed with addressing dishonesty, not PZ. It doesn’t matter who it is really. I just consider PZ  Myers to be a priority because he is harmful from the inside and that has the potential to do the most damage to what most atheists and skeptics have been working towards. He has already undermined anything he has contributed. He has made it clear it is his way or no way, that is a stupid and dangerous road to take. He no longer deserves to have a hand on  the wheel and we should all be removing his fingers from it one by one.

Every single person who refuses to discuss differences in opinions is avoiding that conversation for a reason. If people like Stephanie Zvan thought she could win an argument in a public forum she would do it in a minute. She would be stupid not to, why wouldn’t she want to provide evidence that she was correct?  Does she believe in social change or not?  Adam Lee wants to be a household name you would think he would rush to the front of the line but after getting his ass kicked so thoroughly by Al Stefanelli I guess we can give him a pass.  The Lousy Canuck  should be jumping at the chance to shut down any silly opposition to his blog posts or positions.  Instead when invited to do so we hear crickets or childish demands that must be met before any conversation will take place. NEWS FLASH- There is a reason for that. can you guess what it is? Shhhhh. no we don’t want to talk about that either. Let’s listen to the crickets they speak volumes.