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Sick of the Republicans


Many of you are going to already feel exactly as I do. I am SICK of Republicans….very sick. The current issue I have with Republicans involves John Boehner who is the  Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. The economy has been shit ever since good ol Bush drove the United States like he stole it right into the damn ground. Then he left office smiling like an idiot boarding the helicopter on his way to whatever he was going to screw up next. He left us with the unemployment rate way up along with a pile of other shit he half fixed , broke or just fucked up.

To help deal with high unemployment the feds extended the number of weeks people could get unemployment Insurance benefits. At one point it was at 99 weeks. Then it dropped to 73 and then 63. There was never much debate about extending the benefits, it was needed,  until John Boehner came along.

The Senate passed the latest extension for unemployment insurance in April. It is now sitting waiting for the House to take a vote on it . John Boehner won’t allow it to  be voted on because it doesn’t include anything to create jobs as he has demanded from the White House. Where john gets off demanding anything from the White House I’m not sure. It seems like he screwed us enough with the whole debt ceiling bullshit he felt he needed to pull in 2013. For some reason John likes being a dick I guess.  I know there is blame to be put on the Democrats  it isn’t all John “bonehead” Boehner’s doing, there could be more done on all sides. At this point in time though it is his fault nothing is being done.

As Speaker,  John Boehner is a leader in the House, not a ruler of the House of Representatives. He is supposed to lead, not act like a king or a spoiled child who wants things his way. 3 million people are without unemployment benefits because John Boehner won’t allow the extension to be voted on. 70,000 additional people are running out of benefits each week. John Boehners district has a population of 724,285. How the fuck did those people get the honor of electing the guy who gets to pretend he is king? Who told John Boehner he speaks for the american people? Everytime he says that I cringe.

It is a fact i would vote for a piece of chewed gum with some dirt and hair suck in it before I would vote for John Boehner to speak on my behalf or even decide what random item I was going to pee on. He is inept.

If you search “unemployment insurance extension” on the web and read the comments after almost any article that turns up in the search results you will see some sad stories about how this lapse has effected people and you will see some seriously pissed off people. I can’t remember ever seeing so much anger and talk of revolt against the government. Not just voter revolt but physically acting out against our leaders. One guy from Indiana even threatened to kill Boehner in messages left for him and his wife. What the guy did was clearly wrong but not many people are surprised by it.

We are giving away billions of dollars every year to other countries while people who live here can’t live here. People who want to work but can’t find jobs are losing their savings, homes, cars, and the ability to provide basic needs while John Boehner sits on his hands and pouts. The money to help is being sent to other countries because it is in our best interest to do so. Isn’t it in our best interest to provide for people who live in our own country? Why don’t we act like it ?

The Senate and the House are likely to approve a corporate tax cut that is going to add to the deficit. It faces no major opposition…..unless the unemployment insurance extension is added to it, then there will be some trouble. The media has been covering the issue very little if at all. If this were 3 million people who had been burned out of their homes by fire or any other disaster we would be hearing nothing but that story for weeks on end. Since it is the leadership of the country screwing people instead of mother nature I guess it isn’t newsworthy.

I seriously hope people are mad about this bullshit actually I wish more people were mad but just like always, if it doesn’t effect them directly they could give a shit. What is going on is just wrong and every single one of us should be pissed. Even if you don’t agree with extending unemployment benefits you should be pissed that John Boehner has the nerve to abuse his position the way he is doing now. John has shown he is willing to allow 3 million people to suffer in order to get his way.  The next time this happens what will the issue be about? Will it effect you? Think about that.

Contact your representatives, they are easy to find on twitter and you can find their website contact info there most times. Send a tweet and voice your opinion. I send a tweet to john Boehner once a day explaining to him how his behavior makes him look like a dick. I doubt he ever actually reads them and if he did the point would  probably would fly right over his head but I do it anyways because if enough of us do he will have no choice but to read it.

Remember this little power trip John has been on when it comes time to vote, don’t forget or allow yourself to be distracted by the newest shiny political object. This is a time when our leaders should be stepping up and doing whatever is needed to help the american people get through tough times. It is getting better but some places are doing better than others and we all live in this country together. When everyone can provide for their families and live happily then it is a benefit to all of us. We will be better off and then we can be proud of how we govern ourselves because right now we look pathetic and it is our own fault. If we don’t do something to change it then we deserve what we get for allowing people like Boehner to act like a king without calling him on it

PZ world

Planet PZ Myers

PZ world

PZ doesn’t think the world revolves around him. He thinks it is all about him


PZ has a new post up. You can find it here.

It’s called The Scarlet Crayon of Atheism. Yes, it is as bad as the title, maybe worse. I guess even crayons are too much for PZ to handle. He moves around and trips over himself so much it is hard to know exactly what the hell he is talking about but here it goes.

He says-

I’ve been trying to understand how people — not just people, but self-declared “leaders of the atheist movement” — can claim that atheism is only the lack of belief in any gods, and further, that absence of god-belief entails no other significant consequences. It’s been difficult, because that way of thinking is alien to me; atheism for me is all tangled up in naturalism and scientific thinking, and it’s not just a single, simple cause but has a whole cascade of meaning. But I’m trying, and I think I’m beginning to get it. There is a reasonable way to regard atheism as important while at the same time limiting its import.

As you can see PZ explains he lacks the ability to understand other ways of thinking. At least he is trying to get it.(so he says) He still has a long way to go. First he is going to have to understand that definitions are important.

Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities. Most inclusively, atheism is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist.Atheism is contrasted with theism,which in its most general form is the belief that at least one deity exists.

I really am sorry PZ can’t grasp this concept but I really would like him to quit spreading his ignorance around. He has his own definition for atheism, I get that, but the rest of the world has a say in it too and they don’t give a shit that a Biology teacher in Minnesota wants the definition changed according to his wishes.

One of his big problems is he gives too much credit to religion without acknowledging where religion came from. He talks as though god did exist at one time and then atheists came along with evolution in hand and suddenly god just disappeared. Now he wants to fight the residual effects of this god that once influenced mankind.

Man created religion and it represents mankind. PZ claims that religion has been the reason or justification for slavery and why women are thought to be inferior to men. Homosexuality is condemned by religion too so that must be the cause for discrimination. Sure religion has justified those things but there was never a god who created those biases. Mankind did it and will keep on doing it until it stops doing it.

Homophobia existed before Christianity In ancient Greece the practice was thought to be “unnatural”

The Sioux Indians made their women walk 5 steps behind the men. There were clear gender roles and they were not dictated by Christianity or any other religious practice. Even if they had been we would have to go back and think about who created that belief system. It wasn’t god.

Of course there were many who were tolerant of homosexuality just as many are becoming more tolerant now. We do not allow slavery in the USA anymore yet 80% of Americans claim to be religious. Getting rid of religion does not stop bad social practices. PZ is constantly complaining about the misogynist atheist he thinks are running rampant (paranoid much PZ?) doesn’t that give him a clue about the relation between religion and social issues?

PZ says-

Being an atheist means you can no longer learn your moral code by rote and tradition and obedience to authority*, but have to rely on reason and empathy and greater human goals, and you don’t get to justify actions simply because they “feel” right or good — you have to support them with evidence or recognition that they directly serve a secular purpose

So we now need a “secular purpose” for helping a disabled person get their wheelchair through a door? Is it just me or does PZ’s claim that there must be a secular reason sound strangely like there must be some sort of reward ?What about this- Your moral code must benefit secularism in a testable way? or You must do good because it will please god. Too much alike for me. I will continue to help people because they need it and because it makes me feel good.

PZ continues-

Thank you to those who are willing to stand up for atheism simply as a matter of choice and principle, but you should know and be warned that we intend to change the world. We are more dangerous than you can even imagine. And apparently, more dangerous than even some atheists can imagine.

I can agree with that statement. PZ’s way of thinking is dangerous but not in the way he claims it to be. It’s a matter of possessing just enough knowledge of a subject to be dangerous. Social matters are something PZ is not good at. He seems to have a grade school knowledge of the subject. He fails to understand the complexities of social interaction and that is why he gets so much push-back. Add the fact he is an egotistical dick and it magnifies his ability to fail. When PZ jokes about never being wrong….it isnt a joke to him. He really thinks he is above everyone else, smarter, more experienced. PZ is so awesome he can change the definitions of words as he sees fit.

I don’t disagree with the belief that women should be treated as equals. I don’t think anyone has the right to discriminate against other people for the way they were born.

PZ doesn’t scare me nor does his little gang of baby chicken commenters. If you have ever seen PZ post outside of his little blog, he gets his head handed to him on a regular basis. Outside of his echo chamber none of his rhetoric can stand up.That is why he doesn’t debate and refuses to even have a conversation with people that disagree with him. He knows his house is made of wet paper. PZ is a twerp he uses his condescension to cover up his lack of spine. He doesn’t have to make time for you, you don’t have anything of value to say, you don’t get to tell him how to spend his time. All lame excuses. He sits at home nice and safe while he puffs up his chest and beats off on the internet. As soon as someone mentions actually making him back up his big talk he starts cowering and looking for a place to hide.

It finally ends like this-

I have to add that many theists also accept a secular morality — they may like their religion, but they also recognize that you must have a better excuse for community action than “god said so.”

PZ, you should have a better reason for the shit you do than “god doesn’t exist” Religion isn’t the reason for all the social injustice in the world and non-belief isn’t a cure. What we need is less people like you who can’t find a middle ground and only want to impose your thinking on the world whether they like it or not because you know what is good for them better than they do. You don’t.