Affordable Care Act upheld, 5-4 - John Roberts sides with majority upholding law

In Plain English: The Affordable Care Act, including its individual mandate that virtually all Americans buy health insurance, is constitutional. There were not five votes to uphold it on the ground that Congress could use its power to regulate commerce between the states to require everyone to buy health insurance. However, five Justices agreed that the penalty that someone must pay if he refuses to buy insurance is a kind of tax that Congress can impose using its taxing power. That is all that matters. Because the mandate survives, the Court did not need to decide what other parts of the statute were constitutional, except for a provision that required states to comply with new eligibility requirements for Medicaid or risk losing their funding. On that question, the Court held that the provision is constitutional as long as states would only lose new funds if they didn't comply with the new requirements, rather than all of their funding.

(from AMERICAblog)

Supreme Court health care reform decision

Upholding ACA: Roberts, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan
Dissent: Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Alito

We received word today of the death of one of our members, Joe "catman" Lively.

From the Weatherford Telegram:

"A 65-year old man Fort Worth man, identified as Joseph Douglas Lively, was killed on April 2 when the motorcycle he was driving collided with a flatbed tractor trailer.

According to a report released by the Weatherford Police Department, the incident occurred at 3:42 p.m.

Officers were dispatched to the 1100 block of Fort Worth Hwy. According to the report, the flatbed tractor trailer, driven by Marvin Green, 71, of Dallas, was traveling westbound and attempting to turn left into a business when the motorcycle, traveling eastbound, struck the flatbed trailer. Lively was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Investigators are still actively reviewing the accident and haven't determined if charges will be filed or not.

There is a discussion thread located HERE

[VIDEO] The Reason Rally - A Secular Celebration

A beautiful video made by The Thinking Atheist at the Reason Rally on March 24, 2012.

From TheThinkingAtheist
Rob Reid, creator of the online music subscription service Rhapsody, illustrates exactly why so-called “copyright math” is almost completely bogus.

This video is from TED Talks, published March 15, 2012.

Is Youtube banning "religiously offensive" videos?

Looks like Youtube has done it again. This time "taking a stand against offending religions".

The above is a mirrored video from the Atheists Today channel.

Original was from Thunderf00t.

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