For any visitors or members who may not be aware, is temporarily offline until we can move it to the new host. I decided to pay a small fee for a month of hosting the .info domain so the banner ads would go away. As soon as I get the release to move the domain, I will.

*****UPDATE II 9-30-08

The server move will happen this week, please be aware that the .com may not redirect when it first moves. Info will still be operational until everything is in place. Once .com is ready, .info will be redirecting to it. If I do it right, you won't even notice, except for the redirect failure. Please make sure you are using the .info link. I'll place .info in maintenance mode when .com is up and running.
Ok, the move is complete. Sorry for the short notice, but the lag was unbearable this morning. I hope everyone is agreeable to having a temporary home with banner ads.

Banner ads vs. Horrible lag...the ads are preferable?

Please report any broken links, non-working MODs, Panels, etc...

Just think, in about 15days I get to do this again. I think I can get it done faster when I move us back to *crosses fingers*

-Looking for the new photo album conversion MOD. In case nobody noticed, I took the time to upgrade our PHP-Fusion from 6.01.11 to 6.01.15

-Photo album conversion didn't work. All the photos made the switch, they just didn't get added to the database. I'll delete them sometime this week and ask that those that had uploaded pictures to resubmit them when the folders are empty.
Due to technical problems (harddrive crash), CD has redirected you to our site until he gets things fixed.
Please join us in the Forum and hang for awhile.
Just an FYI in regards to email. I installed Anti Spam protection to our email server, the first time an email is sent to any of our addresses, the sender will receive a validation email. Once you validate, your email address is recorded and marked "clear" and you'll never have to validate again.

I'm working on a block that AT&T has in place which is keeping our Mail Forwarding function from working with AT&T accounts. (heh, mine especially). Once I'm sure this is working, I'll offer email addresses to those that would like one. It will actually just forward your mail to an existing account.

Please contact me via the Contact Admin link on the left if you'd like to test our Mail Forwarding.
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