My Reply To Tom Raspotnik…


UPDATE 2/6/15: Tom Raspotnik has posted a reply to this blog. There will be a reply posted on 2/7/15 addressing Tom’s false account of events.

It’s been a while….I would apologize but I have been very busy. I’m back now and let’s get this rolling with a little story about a guy who needs to be addressed.


“Dr” Tom Erik Raspotnik who claims to be a doctor and claims to have some education in philosophy. He also claims to be “the leader of theistic satanism”

Couple of problems here right out of the gate…. Tom’s “education” comes from an on-line diploma mill type school Fort Jones University go ahead and check it out. If you look they offer no philosophy degree.  Makes it a bit tough to claim the title of “Dr” as Tom Rasponik likes to do, doesn’t it?  (note: I’ve contacted Fort Jones to ask them to clear this up, just to be sure)

The next problem would be Tom’s claim to be “the leader of theistic satanism” . As any true Satanist will tell you… Satanism has no real leaders. To even make the claim you lead other Satanists is a display of extreme ignorance about what Satanism is. There are those who lead groups or organizations of Satanists but those people don’t lead the individuals who are members. A true Satanist has found their own path and does not allow themselves to be governed by another. There are those who’s work is  respected by other Satanists but Tom has never done anything to help Satanism progress. In fact it is safe to say he has done it harm by misrepresenting it. If a member of the general public comes across Tom Raspotnik and forms an opinion about Satanism based on his representation it harms the religion and undermines the work we have done.

As you may or may not know I am a priest for The Satanic Temple. If you follow the link you will find an organization working towards progress. I’ve always believed in the strength of words but the strength of actions along with those words can not be questioned and make clear exactly what you intend to do an how you intend to do it. Tom has a problem with this.

Tom has been very critical of TST. He worries that they are attempting to speak on his behalf.  The problem is…Tom is the one claiming a “leadership” role not TST.

Now that I’ve made it clear the root of the problem let’s talk more about Tom Raspotnik.

Many would say he is not worth considering and they may well be right. My words are more to address the type of person he is and the things he has done involving me because, after all, this is my blog.

I’ve been calling out Tom on his own words and actions. I did a painful interview with Tom for the Modern Satanism podcast.

I say painful because Tom is obtuse to say the least. It is impossible to have a reasonable discussion with him.

As a result of my ability to point out the countless weaknesses Tom displays when he criticizes others…Tom has begun an attack on me which includes the following-

  • Claims I have sexually abused  my daughter. Tom also claims he has been in contact with an “ex-girlfriend” of mine who is passing him information.  tom likes to use the word “alleged”. He may think this saves him from any responsibility for his words. Unfortunately for Tom I have spent a considerable amount of time reading about Michigan law he would do well to spend some time doing the same instead of posting memes and talking shit.
  • Tom has made veiled threats  towards my daughter and posted pics of her Facebook profile while telling me he is coming to my house while I was in Michigan .
  • Tom has threatened to use a gun to shoot me if I come near his house or business (which I did in a non threatening manner)
  • Tom has claimed I have been stalking his wife because I asked her “is Tom around” at the business they both own. You can see the video of my exchange with Cindy Raspotnik  here
  • Tom has claimed I’m an alcoholic
  • Tom made claims my ex-wife filed charges against me for domestic violence I’ve never been married and there have never been any such charges brought against me by anyone.
  • Tom has posted my address in forums and called on theistic satanists to “do him a favor’ I think it is safe to assume he is suggesting they confront me at my home
  • Tom has warned me that someone is waiting for me at my home and my “suffering will be legendary” Yes he actually said that. I guess Tom likes Hellraiser movies
  • I have received death threats from a number about 25 min  from my house. This occurred shortly after I completed a trip to protest Tom and his wife killing animals in ritual sacrifice. To be clear I can’t give the credit to Tom except  for the fact he has been publicly calling out to other theistic satanist to help him deal with the problem. The problem with this is Tom shows no concern whatsoever for what may occur as a result of his “call to action”  There may well be some moron who thinks it worthwhile to follow Tom’s lead and do what he suggests. Tom claims to be “the leader of theistic satanism” obviously he thinks he has followers who listen to him.
  • Tom claims I am dangerous even going so far as to say he is starting a “tip hotline” so that people can inform him of any information on my actions.
  • Tom has made countless allegations about the TST and those who are involved in the organization. These claims include involvement and support of sex offenders  by TST.
  • Tom has made public the real names of people who have used pseudonyms in order to protect themselves from possible harm. Again Tom has no concern for  others and shows a total disregard for their safety. He has no idea what kind of actions may be taken based on his public disclosure of these individuals.

I will stop here to address “Dr” Tom Raspotnik….


Tom, in case you are too stupid to figure it out there are laws in this country. We have those laws for a reason. In the past you have been able to intimidate others with false claims and threats. That is not going to be the case here. You will be held accountable for your actions and your lies. You have come upon a force that is too dedicated to their cause and too strong in character for you to bully and intimidate. You can choose to ignore this fact all you wish but know this… I know you are full of shit and I am sick of seeing people stressed and afraid because you only want to do harm to them. It will not continue. Unlike you I do not choose to make false claims or physical threats towards others.

Here one of the strongest and most telling points of all.

Tom Raspotnik has not one single time  provided any actual proof of anything he claims about me or TST.

Not once…. nothing. No sources, no case numbers, no actual emails. All of his claims are backed by his word alone. Tom claims he is not allowed to publicly talk about “ongoing investigations” yet he continues to talk about the issues void of any facts. I think it is safe to say Tom has no idea how foolish this makes him look.

Anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact I don’t cower and I don’t allow others to intimidate me especially those who lie. Liars repulse me and strengthen my resolve. The truth always wins.

One last fact for the “doctor”…

I have documentation of everything, the forum comments, the rambling soundcloud rants, the texts you have sent, the pathetic blogs you have posted. Even if you were smart enough to remove it all today the damage has been done. I will however publicly ask Tom Raspotnik to remove any and all posts in any form he can not provide reliable sources or evidence for.