re·per·cus·sion(s)  (rpr-kshn, rpr-)

Definition of REPERCUSSION

2a : an action or effect given or exerted in return : a reciprocal action or effect


b : a widespread, indirect, or unforeseen effect of an act, action, or event —usually used in plural

3. A reflection, especially of sound.
 First I need to say thanks to Skeeve for offering to host this blog at AtheistsToday.
It seems like a good idea to introduce myself so any readers will be aware of who it is pecking away at the keys.
 Most people online call me Reap and some people in real life do too. I’m not going to tell you the story behind the name this time but I may do that in a future blog. It’s a long story so I will just say that I am resourceful enough so that few people victimize me and get away without some sort of repercussions.
 I feel strongly that people should be held accountable for their actions and it is difficult for me to sit and watch while others are treated badly, made to feel unhappy, unfairly discriminated against, or taken advantage of by others. I also have no love for liars and hypocrites.
I’ve raised a daughter as a single father ( I have had some help at times) My daughter is an intelligent, self-confident woman with a great sense of humor and I am very proud of her. I also have a son who is disabled with severe cerebral palsy. He has taught me much about myself, and life. I have also learned that the reason many people like to complain about petty things because they have had a life uninterrupted by any type of crisis or real need. They don’t realize how lucky they have it and I’m happy about  that while at the same time being disgusted by  it. I hope those people never learn the hard way how shallow and stupid they are but I also wish they would shut up and quit acting like spoiled punks.I’m talking to you Jason Thibeault. They only thing worse than that type are the types that should know better but still lack empathy.
 You may have noticed by now I’m not exactly an English major but I manage to get my point across most times. I do know the difference between there, their, and they’re as well as your and you’re. As long as the occasional run-on sentence doesn’t make your head explode you will be okay I think.
 I work in a unique business that allows me to be an IT geek as well as a tech in management.
 I started writing purely to speak out against internet bullies. When I say bullies I don’t mean people who follow others on twitter, those who make photoshop images mocking their foes, or trolls in any form. I mean real bullies who will try to ruin your real life because they can’t manage to laugh at themselves or aren’t witty enough to keep up.
 The paranormal community was where I started writing and calling out cons who were out to dupe people. A guy who said he could talk to the dead on a broken radio git pissed cause I called him out about his $200 charges for a ‘session’ with his telephone that talks to the dead. I’ve talked to Tom Biscardy about bigfoot. I co-hosted a podcast with a guy who thought aliens were dropping cows in trees for a while. I produced a show called The Ghost Divas and winced as they annoyed Michael Shermer with so much BS I felt I needed to apologize for not warning him ahead of time. I’ve written articles about skepticism for a website called “Haunted America Tours” and  “Eye on the Paranormal
 I’ve called out psychics who victimize children on TV named Chip Coffey and ones like Robbie Tomas who made threats about my children when he couldn’t get to me.
 Peter Popoff  has been known to send me gifts at least before I started posting videos and blogging about him. I loathe Kevin Trudeau and anyone else who victimizes people for a living.
 Ive worked to get the ten commandments off the land at the local zoo and helped organize local atheists.
 My podcast ReapSowRadio has been heard weekly since 2008 and I’ve talked one on one with 117 atheists for the Angry Atheist podcast.
 People have described me as “the nicest guy” and “the biggest foul mouthed asshole” they have ever met. I probably fit both descriptions.
  I would love to tell  you more and there is plenty more to tell but I think you should have an idea who is pecking away here.
  What you will find here is my opinion on whatever it is that I am inclined to write about, there are no limitations on the topics, moods, or attitude you will find here. If I am wrong please let me know I hate to spread disinformation and if you disagree you are welcome to say so but please do it in a respectful manner you get what you give with me.
 I’m still getting the place unpacked so don’t mind the mess while I get it organized. It’s nice to meet you we will talk more later, trust me.