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Common Sense in Moderation


   I don’t own a gun. I used to own a gun but due to the fact that I am not an idiot I no longer own a gun.  I’m not saying only idiots own guns, I’m saying if I owned a gun I would be an idiot.  My temper is sometimes bad and besides that I figure if I have survived 44 years without the legitimate need of a gun then my remaining years will probably be possible to live out without a gun.  I have no problem with people who want to own guns……except I do wonder why some people want guns that could kill the lunch crowd at a McDonalds in 10 seconds. Then I think, some people collect stuff. People collect stuff cause it is cool and if we live in a free country people should be allowed to collect stuff, even guns.

  I would like to see it become extremely difficult to collect guns that will kill large groups of people in a small amount of time. I think a limit on the number of those guns a person can own would be smart too.  Make sure the person who is collecting isn’t collecting names on a list to get even with.  There is nothing wrong with a background check unless you have a problem with your background being checked.  Are you getting my point yet? Common sense. The biggest tool for preventing crime, medical emergencies, deaths, just about anything that we want to prevent can happen in lower numbers if we just use good ol’ common sense.

 I also have an alternate plan for gun violence. We can make all guns that shoot bullets illegal. I mean ALL guns…that shoot bullets. Instead we sell paint guns. We give the cops paint guns, we let criminals have paint guns. Then we regulate the paint ball ammo. Red can be police level. White can be made available for the normal citizen. Then we can allocate other colors to fit our needs as they come along. Maybe murder suicide can be purple, workplace violence can be orange. When someone gets shot with a paint ball they can go to the injury reception center where they can be given the injury indicated by the paint ball strike or they can contest the shooting.  Innocent until proven guilty right? So they can go to court and if they are found innocent then they can have the special paint removed and go on with their life. Get found guilty and that’s it, it sucks to be you. The deaths from guns will be greatly lowered and people can defend themselves without worry of taking someones life by mistake. Shoot somebody without proper reason? Well then we send you to live in Utah, that’ll teach you.  What? It makes as much sense as what we are doing now.

   We don’t enforce the gun laws we have in place now yet we all call for new laws.  The call for new laws really only gets loud after we have a group of people shot like animals by an animal.  We don’t require any safety training for people buying guns. Would we ever just hand out a drivers license without making sure the person had learned how to control a motor vehicle? (actually I think a couple states do this) We almost completely ignore the mental heath issues that run rampant in this country.  Even if we did start paying attention now we would still be suffering from our mistakes for decades. No one really has to worry about that because we are too crazy to admit how nuts we are.  The money needed to get our mental health care system up to par is added insurance assuring it will never happen in our lifetime.

  We need to grow up and act like adults. We need to start thinking about the bad stuff before it actually happens.  No, we don’t need to become paranoid. We need to also practice what I think of as the brother (or sister) of common sense…..moderation.  Keep those two words in mind and you will go far, trust me.  Common sense and moderation are your friends. Now go buy yourself a nice paintball gun, and stay out of Utah…just in case.

* Five critical rules of gun safety from the NRA and other sources:

1) Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction (whether loaded or unloaded).

 2) Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

 3) Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to shoot.

4) Be aware of what is behind your target.

5) When handling firearms, never use alcohol or any drug that might impair your awareness or judgment (including prescription drugs).

More information/Source: http://www.justfacts.com/guncontrol.asp