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Peter Popoff

    Peter Popoff is a real piece of work. I was watching his youtube videos and listening to him tell people they could have their cancer cured by using his miracle spring water. I watched as his wife Liz read out testimonials from people claiming to have been helped by Peter Popoff. It made me sick to my stomach. Peter then suggested that disabled children could be cured by his miracle spring water. I have a disabled child and Peter Popoff isn’t good enough, human enough that I would allow him in the same room as my son. For him to claim, to promise, parents that they can heal their children if they support Peter Popoff and have enough faith (and money)  is utterly disgusting  to me.

    So instead of bitching (sorry SJWs ) and crying (sorry babies) I figured i would do something. I did this – http://peterpopoff.info

     It’s just starting and it will grow. Any help with getting this spread around would help prevent the spread of this moronic and selfish behavior. Thanks.

    Here are some past posts about Peter that were written back when he was sending me regular letters. Those have stopped now I can’t figure out why…..

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Atheists and Skeptics and Psychics Oh My!

So I’ve been using this new software….It’s pretty cool.
I have been using it to express my displeasure and/or make observations about some skeptics and atheists who aren’t quit acting in a manner that demonstrates skepticism or represents atheism in a good way….In my opinion of course.

It’s is pretty much all in good fun. As you will see below I am not afraid to laugh at myself. I think it builds character and sometimes checks your ego when/if it is needed. I will admit that my choice of actors was directly effected by the actions of certain people who have misrepresented my motives and/or character in the past. Instead of telling lies or making stuff up the way they do, I instead choose to find the humor and irony in their behaviors and put them on public display.  This might just give anyone who listens to these people cause to pause and consider how much credibility they have, or maybe it will just make them giggle. You can choose to be offended or take it personal if you wish. If you do then maybe you should be taking a good look at yourself first because I’ve noticed those feelings usually come from within. It’s kinda like looking in a fun-house mirror, only the reflection is how you look in real life. Do you blame the person who is holding the mirror for your reflection?

Viddy well,

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To show I’m not just picking on poor old PZ and the gang I’ll post the last video about Chip Coffey. You may know him from Paranormal State or Psychic Kids on A&E. You can also learn about him here

And this is a video parody of a ‘psychic’ named Robbie Thomas. Robbie Thomas claims to be able to find the bodies of children who have been abducted. One time Robbie got so pissed at me in a chat that he told me I would be sorry when I needed his services to help find my disabled son one day. You can learn more about this model of compassion here


And last but not least, well yea, least……we have Peter Popoff. James Randi took care of him a long time ago but as usually happens Peter crawled out from under his rock and he is back. You can catch him doing late night infomercials for his ‘miracle spring water’. I did as Peter asked and sent a request. This video gives a run down on how that went. Note: Peter no longer sends me mail.