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Skepticon 2
Bob of QF

Skepticon 2 is coming to a state near me....Missouri. Springfield, to be specific, and on 20-21.

That is within driving distance for me, and I'm planning on attending both days. I've a buddy driving up from OKC, and we'll be hitting the road early Friday morning to make the first 11am event.

We'll stay overnight Friday, and attend Saturday, and maybe stay over for a lazy Sunday return. Or, if we're keyed up or leave early, we'll hit the road late Saturday.

Attendence is by donation, as far as I can tell.

PZ Myers (of Pharyngula [url][/url] ) is one of the speakers, as is Rebecca Watson (Skepchick: [url][/url] )

Other speakers: Dan Barker, and DJ Grothe. (of whom I'm not familiar, sorry)

Oughta be a HOOT!
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Oooooo - too cool. I'd love to get to hear PZ Myers and Dan Barker, and the others, together.

Sounds like a blast!

Hope you take some pics to post. ;/
Man, if only it were a little closer.

Great idea Hypatia...Bob please take some pics and maybe post a little "report" of the event.

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Bob of QF
If my buddy brings a camera, maybe..... I'm not much of a photohund, but we'll see.

(for instance, my cell phone has a camera.....the guy in the store showed me how it worked, and that is the *only* pics it's taken... )

That being said?

I'd be happy to report when I get back-- you know me, long-winded Bob is my nickname... Smile

I imagine there will be pics from others' though-- skepchick will likely post something on her blog, as will PZ. Hopefully.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Alright then Long-winded Bob. We'll take what we can get. Including said report.


Doubting Thomas
Man, I'd love to go, and that's only about a 3 hour drive for me. Unfortunately I'm going to be very busy then (trying to finish remodeling a house to get it on the market) and probably won't get to go. But I'd love to listen to PZ Myers.
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