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Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
I was surprised, I must say. I don't know about anyone else, but I sure was. I've no idea (at this point) who the other candidates were, and don't get me wrong, I don't think Obama isn't intelligent, but the Nobel Peace Prize?

Just didn't see this one coming, is all I'm saying - could've knocked me over with a feather.

I am surprised too. I think he won because, as a commentator said, of his "good intentions". He is also beloved by the Europeans in general, which may have a lot to do with it. Ya gotta admit, his views are a huge change from those of GWB, who wanted to "go it alone" in most respects and who squandered the good will that most of the world felt for the USA after 9/11.
Bob of QF
I strongly suspect the Nobel prize committee was trying to send a message to the US.

It will fall on deaf ears: those who understand the message would've voted Obama anyhow.....

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According to a local TV station's survey question here in DFW, 78% who responded stated that they thought Obama was undeserving of the award, while only 18% thought he deserved it. Texas is a heavily 'red' state, of course.

McCain made the rather appropriate comment that it would give Obama evem more to live up to. That's OK with me.
This has shocked everyone I know in the UK, was talking about it for most of last night actually. I was under the impression that the Nobel was for achievement, the sticking to your plan and reaching something that can be recognised as something new/positive and all that good stuff - but we were left over here thinking, what has Obama done?

Yes he has said a few good things, and if he works hard he has the potential to change the world for the better, but he has not done that yet.

It has actually disappointed me that he hasnt turnede to the Nobel officials and turned the prize down, saying something like 'I have set goals for my life that I hope to achieve and drive towards as if they were my destiny, but I have not yet accomplished the targets I have set out for myself, or those those that I believe the Nobel should reward. Keep your gift for now and wait for the unfolding of my plans.'

The Nobel peace prize means nothing to me now.
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