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physicist and astronomer Nielson theorizes
[quote]derF wrote:
The universe is made up of mostly dark matter. A matter of fact. Hardly anyone disputes it. They aren
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
It's possible, I suppose. The statement that 'dark matter is blackhole material' is quite speculative. More speculation follows. But it's all quite possibe, but beyond our capacity to prove or disprove as far as I know.
Im not really liking dark matter as a black hole sort of a thing. We say it is dark because it does not interact with photons, and matter because it causes excess gravity to what is deduced from the electromagnetic spectrum of a galaxy. Beyond that we are all lost.
Speaking of attracting photons...

Anyone seen or heard from Photon? He hasn't posted since Aug 2008.
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To expand, the reason we know dark matter exists is because it does not trap all light passing through it, it doesnt act as black hole material.

It can take a while, and for first calculations its best to go simple. Pick the most abundant element in the universe and then study its emission spectrum, using this and other information, such as stellar evolution, you can determine how much mass the emitter has.

What happened was as the calculations got better, and rotation and wobble and all that jazz was used from what mass the light denoted you would think the smaller planitary bodies would fly off, but they dont. So the systematic error became known as dark matter.
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