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Freaks and Geeks
I risk losing myself in the past by bringing this show up, especially since it barely lasted a full season and was on waaayyyy back in 1999. I just recently discovered this show, though, and went through the entire season in two nights. It brought back some memories as the show went through the 'freaks' experiences of crushes, difficult familial relations, and peer pressures very realisitically and was full of heart, without being overly maudlin. I was crushed that the show only lasted one season. I also had quite a huge infatuation with Linda Cardellini.
I can't tell you how overjoyed I was to find that the character of Nick's favorite drummer was Neil Peart.

Why must shows like this, Arrested Development and The Tick get cancelled?
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I've found that most shows that don't make the cut are done in by plot changes, stagnant plots, creative talent changes or they are aimed at a specific audience they may not be able to hold ratings along side other more "popular" rival shows.

Case in point: Arrested Development

I loved this show when it debuted, because of its semi-plausible storyline. However, with time, it became less believable (to me) and I lost interest.

And speaking of lost interest. Smile

Lost: Because of my job at the time, I was never able to watch this show when originally broadcast. But I was able to see episodes repeated later on TNT. I thought it was an awesome premise, had great writers and excellent casting. But, even though I'm a huge science fiction/fantasy fan, the "black cloud" ruined it for me. They had everything a great show needed, but crossing genres like they did really destroyed everything else I liked about it. Sad
Had they stuck with the conspiracy, technology and human interaction, I would still be a fan of the show. Not so much now.
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