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Neanderthal mtDNA Genome Sequenced
Complete Neanderthal Mitochondrial Genome Sequenced From 38,000-year-old Bone

The complete mitochondrial genome of a 38,000-year-old Neanderthal has been sequenced. The findings open a window into the Neanderthals' past and helps answer lingering questions about our relationship to them.

Read the news story here:


Read the journal article here:

Thanks for the link to a fascinating article, Squid. In the Science Daily page, there are some other interesting links to neanderthal research in a right hand column. Cheers. Neil
Here's another interesting one I came across in today's New York Times. Although it's not mentioned in the piece, the article would seem to support the idea we've tossed around here in the past that concentrated populartion and agricultural settlement along the banks of the Nile -- what became ancient Egypt -- were, in fact, the result of a refugee drift from a shrinking 'Green Sahara'. Cheers. Neil
I just know I'm going to be pissed if they clone one and it comes out looking like me.
neilmarr: Interesting stuff. It's been known for some time that the Sahara was green until not long ago (in geologic terms). It makes sense that when it dried up, the people would move to other places, like the Nile valley. The timeline corresponds well with the First Dynasty in Egypt, around 6000 years ago.
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Related article referencing the "green" Sahara:;_ylt=AjWOkvxF90aZc_mtLMjpHjtxieAA

I couldn't get a link to work with that address, too many odd characters probably. Cut and Paste Smile
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