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Scientologists convicted of fraud
[quote]A French court has convicted the Church of Scientology of fraud, but stopped short of banning the group from operating in France.

Two branches of the group's operations and several of its leaders in France have been fined.

The case came after complaints from two women, one of whom said she was manipulated into paying more than 20,000 euros (
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France has the right idea, only not enough of it. Scientology should be banned. It's an occult cult.
Germany regards it as a cult, and has printed leaflets warning against its danger.
Doubting Thomas
I agree that Scientology is a dangerous and stupid thing to believe in, and the "audits" are total ripoffs, but I really hate to say that it should be banned. Maybe it's just the Libertarian side of me, but I fully support the First Amendment. While I believe that religion in general is a totally worthless and wasteful pastime, I still believe in people's rights to believe in it.

I guess I'm also just a little afraid of the valid slippery slope of if they start banning one bizarre cult, how long before someone decides atheism is a religion that needs to be banned?
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It seems Scientology is highly regarded as a cult. Like DT said, they have as much right to practice their brand of cultish delusions as any other sect, but I think we should be able to hand out the leaflets such as Germany does in warning against the dangers of it without being charged with hate crimes for such actions.

It makes no sense to me how, when trying to warn people about cults, people are now being charged with hate crimes, but it isn't considered any sort of hate crime to subject anyone to the practices of the cult itself. That's nonsense.
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