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Happy New Year
Happy New Year guys. The end of the Noughties. I remember New Years eve 1999. Sat in my Grandads front room with a cold watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time. My gran drunk, trying to eat cotten wool and for some reason sticking her hands in the fish tank.

What a decade! Award winning plays, my first published work, moving to Scotland, getting engaged, meeting great people, realising I was an atheist and a skeptic, founding the Edinburgh Skeptics Society, Becoming an amateur magician, putting on 10 inches around the waist, and lots of other fun and not so fun things.

Happy New Year.

GP! Great to hear from you again. Happy New Year, and best of luck to you.
Hey GP. Happy twenty-ten to you and Becky. I hope this year will bring you both much happiness, health, peace and all the best in whatever your sweet little hearts desire.

It sounds like you had a pretty good decade, with lots of success and good things happening for you. Of course, you didn't just sit back and wait for 'gawd' to 'bless' you and 'give' you what you wanted. You obviously worked hard and went after what you wanted.

Wishing the same for all of you in 2010 - cheers to you! [img][/img] is not a valid Image.

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Personally I am glad that you all survived the 'oh oh's. Actually, I'm glad I survived them. But what I would truly like to wish you all is the the upcoming years proves to be the best one yet!
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
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