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This is why I'm glad McCain lost
Doubting Thomas

Apparently McCain claims he had no idea that nobody did any kind of checking on Sarah Palin to see if she would be a good candidate for vice-president:

Was it true, Lauer asked, that the vetting of Sarah Palin was so woefully inadequate that no one from the campaign traveled to Alaska to interview her husband or any of her political opponents?

"I wouldn't know," McCain said.


Somewhat taken aback, Lauer told McCain that he found it "somewhat surprising" that he didn't know anything about the vetting process, adding "You were the presidential candidate."

McCain testily shot back by saying that he had no intention of "looking back over what happened over a year ago," adding, "I'm sorry, you'll have to get others to comment on it."

So maybe he's just a little testy because nobody seemed to realize she was such a poor choice, but he was the guy in charge of the campaign and he paid the price.
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You can bet your sweet ass Obama looked into Biden's past and present. I have no doubt he interviewed him about his past, reputation, education, etc. before asking if he'd run for Vice President but that he did a thorough check on the guy personally. McCain did absolutely nothing when it came to choosing his Vice President and now he is humiliated and has to live with that embarrassment. Serves him right the dumb ass.
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While my overall opinion of McCain was irreversibly tarnished by the last election cycle, I get the impression anymore that he just isn't interested in being used as a bludgeon against Palin, like kids being pushed into the middle of a cicled crowd yelling "fight! fight!" on the school yard.
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