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Scientologists to Haiti
Groups of scientologists are on their way to Haiti, to rob, er, I mean, save the people.

Where do they think Haitians are going to come up with that kind of money anyway?

Guess they think it'll be good press for them if nothing else.

They know that desperate people are more likely to clutch at straws than most. Maybe they want to do a bit of looting while they are at it.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
It seems to me looting would have to be about it (except they're probably too late for that - can't imagine there's much left of whatever was left).

Like most cults it's the money I think they're really going after when they're recruiting, and I think they're going to be out of luck in that regard in Haiti.

I think they just want to be able to say, 'Hey, Scientology was right there along with everyone else involved in the relief efforts.'

I hope they get invited to leave like has happened with other disaster areas they've gone to. As far as I can tell Scientologists themselves are the only people who think they have any place at these kinds of things - it seems like everyone else thinks what they 'do' is useless and that they shouldn't be present and in the way.

Mostly that's because they go saying they're there to "provide a unique brand of "meaningful help"", what they call "mental health assistance", or 'Touch Assist', and the real pros on the scene know the scientologists are in no way professionals or authorities in treating mental health needs. So sometimes they'll call what they're trying to push on people 'spiritually assisting them', but people see through that crap and know that the only thing they're trying to do is recruit more cult members.

Scum bags.

After 9/11, aid agencies at Ground Zero voiced concern that the Volunteer Ministers had displayed their leaflets around the disaster site and operated in the restricted area without authorisation until this was pointed out to the police, who then denied them access. Two days after the tragedy, and presenting themselves as an organisation called National Mental Health Assistance, representatives of the Church of Scientology duped Fox News into running the church's freephone number for five hours on the bottom of the screen, apparently in the belief that it was the official outreach hotline. Fox News removed it after an irate intervention from the real National Mental Health Association.

"The public needs to understand that the Scientologists are using this tragedy to recruit new members," the president of the NMHA stated. "They are not providing mental health assistance."

I'm sure that like the xtians they'll contribute boat loads of money and think that entitles them to do what they want and call it whatever they want.
I had to smile at the idea of Scientologists giving "mental health assistance".

The Haitians have their own voodoo (that they do so well). They don't need Scientology.

I have a mental image, by way of analogy, of vultures circling over a dying animal. Incidentally, I made a contribution to 'Non-Believers Giving Aid' last night, through the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
They certainly are out of luck with getting any new recruits right now but I wouldn't be surprised to find that they try to raise their prices with their regular brainwashed zombies. Right now it's just good PR in the works here.

I'm thinking they won't get recruits now but they betting and attempting to for after recovery. What better way to ensure they will have new recruits if they jump in and appear to help save the day for the survivors now. They know just how to do it without costing them too much thought they can afford to support a lot of people/families. If they don't pay later they will have a sudden accident or be brainwashed into allowing themselves to be starved to death until they pay up.

I suppose just about any church or cult is going to have members that die, some even tragically or suspiciously. But it does seem as though there have been a lot of accusations against the 'church' of scientology regarding suspicious deaths and other questionable events.

I wonder to what extent these have been investigated and what the findings have been. I've heard on numerous occasions that, supposedly due to scientology's 'legal experts', they've not been held accountable, or not been found culpable for much of what has been levied against them.

The Lisa McPherson case was a horrible tragedy and I'm still somewhat stunned that the charges didn't stick.

I wonder if they like Clearwater, FL because of the word 'clear'? lol.
I think it goes way beyond their legal experts, thought that is a tremendous help right along with those experts having time and money on thier side. What I think is the icing on the cake for them in allowing them to get away with so much not to mention more power is the 1978 Operation "snow white" [1:12 - 1:30] gives me a possible why, how they get away with so much and power.
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