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Population Control-Gervais Style
Ricky Gervais recommends sterilizing 'bad parents', or those who would be bad parents, and why we should do so:


Another example of irresponsible parenting: "brainwashing" by forcing religion upon one's kids, said Gervais, an outspoken atheist.
Doubting Thomas
Is he being serious or trying to be tongue-in-cheek? I agree that there are too many irresponsible parents popping out kids, but forced sterilization is just as wrong as telling a woman she can't have an abortion. Either way it's an invasion of the right to privacy of your own body.
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Oh I definitely think he's going for the laugh factor. In comedy any topic or person is usually fair game.

But I also think that from the point in the article that talks about 'brainwashing' with religious indoctrination on down is completely serious.
I'm very much concerned with overpopulation, but to pick on 'fat' or 'stupid' people for forced sterilization is going too far (although some people shouldn't have any children). He was definitely going for laughs, I think.
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