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The helpful place
Greetings. If you find yourself in need of some friendly advice, feel free to post your dilemma in this forum. You never know, another member just might have an answer.
I haven't been able to upload an avatar yet. It's quite small enough in pixels and memory size. Maybe I'll figure it out.
I think Rayven was going for a more personal tone.

Help for Site/Forum issues can be addressed up top.Wink
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Come to mention it, I need to decide on an avatar myself.
Sorry. I misinterpreted what 'help' meant.Sad
It's really not a big deal...we all know how the Subject line doesn't necessarily match the content of the thread anyway , lol.
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
catman, do you have a script blocking program installed? I'm not sure if this site uses scripts but sometimes when scripts are blocked you can't do things like checkout at a vendor, upload stuff, etc...

I use NoScript with Firefox because some scripts are dangerous. When something doesn't work properly I right click the page and check the NoScript settings to see if it's blocking something.
Bob of QF
catman wrote:
I haven't been able to upload an avatar yet. It's quite small enough in pixels and memory size. Maybe I'll figure it out.

I found that I couldn't edit my profile, so I posted in the tech-help section.

I got a very quick reply (from skeeve and seeker), and what I wasn't doing right was entering the password a 2nd time.

Once I did that-- all changes processed as expected.

Even uploading my avitar.

You might check if that's your issue.
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No, I don't have a script-blocking program, and I tried entering my password (twice) even though I was already logged in. I'll play around with it some more and see what happens.
What about a firewall? What are you using?
don't change your password, when you go into edit profile you'll see your pasword already filled in in one box, right under it is the confirm password box, fill THAT one in with your password then go down and use the browse feature to find the pic you want to use then hit save.
Seeker: As I recall, when I go to 'Edit Profile', I don't see either of the password boxes filled in. Nope, I just checked. But I am still logged in!

Rayven: I'm using the firewall that comes with Norton Antivirus 2008. I've been able to upload my avatar on AtheistAlliance.
Edited by catman on 08/05/2008 15:37
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It worked! I tried adding an avatar to your member profile. You can send me the one you want and I'll upload from my end if you still can't get it working.
Catman, you are indeed logged in, it just needs that password verification as an extra check (I think)
Edited by seeker on 08/05/2008 16:36
It didn't help when I tried it. Perhaps my avatar uploading difficulties had something to do with my using a Theme which isn't yet completely functional in regard to uploading avatars.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Ok I'm here in the helpful place because I need help.

A while back on the old thread there was a site posted with pictures on them. They were hard to look at but made a very good strong point questioning why a god would make people born like them.

As I remember it they were people born with terrible skin diseases and deformaties.

Does anyone remember who posted it and what the site was that had those pictures?

I keep thinking intractableatheist but not sure who it was. It was a very good site but as Catman pointed out hard to look at but necessary.

I wish now I had saved it ;banghead;
There are some poignant graphic images to underline his point in the unintelligent design part of Neil Tyson's talk in the Beyond Belief series of lectures, Sin. You'll find it on YouTube and elsewhere. Neil
Sorry I took so long to bet back to you Neil. Yes that was one but the one I'm looking for was a lot of pictures. I remember Catman also said they were hard to look at but I think he said necessary to see.

*sigh* doesn't look like I'll ever find it. Maybe an extensive google search more expanding than what I already did will help.

Ok now onto another problem I would appreciate any help with.

ATTETNION: little boy Mommies and Daddies. Auntie needs help here. LOL., seriously I do.

My sweet little nephew loves the toys bakulan battle brawlers. He said he wants the green one and the one that looks like a ship.

I went into Amazon and bought 1 bakugan card booster pack and a green cycloid and green robotillian, they look the same to me in the picture.

Somehow ended up with a red launcher ordered from Nowhere is that on my order. Now I have to call his Mom and make sure he doesn't already have one red launcher.

Does anyone know what the heck a green bakugan ship is or where I can get one. The little guy and his sister were trying so hard to shout out at the same time what a bakugan is. His little face lit up at the thought of Aunt (sinny) buying him at least one of them. I also don't know if the cards fit or work with all the other bakugans. It seems that according to the instructions they do but I'd feel better talking with someone who knows for sure.

What the hells a bakugan?!?!?
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