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The helpful place
They are children's toys. #8 is what I got by mistake. I don't see anything that looks like a ship but maybe someone with children here is familiar with them and does know.

This is where I found what he wanted on

I've looked around some, but nothing looking like a ship was found. Here is a link which may be easier to navigate.


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Thanks Skeeve that site does help Cool. It seems this is two games in one. One is like a board battle game and the other is run around and shoot with one on the back of your hand battle. A board game that can also be an interactive game.

I hope I got what he wanted he's only 7 once in his life and I want him to have a happy birthday. At that age they are really into toys and get so excited with their favorite.

I got a goldfish with black stripes beanie baby,TY for my niece. It's so cute I almost want one for myself to put on my computer ha ha.
ok the hand held bakugan is the one that mostly resembles a ship. I was thinking of a space ship type ubt apparently the little one's weren't. They were thinking a jet is like a ship LOL. He is going to flip when he gets them.
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