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Maryland Student Sits During Pledge, Berated by Teacher

Student, 13, berated for sitting during Pledge of Allegiance

GERMANTOWN, Md. - The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland is protesting the treatment of a middle-school student who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The incident occurred Jan. 27 at the Roberto Clemente Middle School in Germantown. A 13-year-old girl refused to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.

"The teacher in that class began to yell at her, began to shout at her," said Ajmel Quereshi, the ACLU attorney representing the girl. "Other students began to jump in and mock her when they saw that he was calling her names and calling her stupid. She was feeling embarassed so, not knowing what to do, she stood up."

The next day, the girl remained seated during the pledge again. This time she was marched by two school police officers to the office, said Quereshi.

"The assistant principal sided with the teacher and told the child that she should immediately apologize to the teacher," he said.

Instead, the ACLU insists the teacher should apologize and the school should use this incident "as a teaching moment to explain to the students that what happened was wrong," said Quereshi.

Dana Tofig, a spokesman for the Montgomery County Public Schools, confirmed that the teacher violated school regulations and said the student will receive an apology.

Marched to the office by school police officers for sitting, quietly I would presume, during the pledge of allegiance? This article doesn't say whether the student didn't want to stand because she just didn't want to stand up, or because not standing and perhaps also not reciting the pledge is her personal choice. Either way, the only thing these people 'accomplished' was harassing, intimidating and alienating this student.
Are we to expect american children to be once again using the arm stretched out front, flat hand salute?

Non-conformity will not be tollerated!!!

A similar thing happened to me in school, I went to a Roman Catholic school and during the assemblies they would have a few prayers. Once I had become an atheist (was around year 9 so 12 or 13 years old?) I decided I would sit out and be quiet (I thought that was the only respectful thing to do).

Well I got held back after the assembly and was subjected to an ear bashing like I had never experienced before, the deputy head of the school threatened to kick me out.

I later found out the teacher who had been shouting (not a bad guy once I got to know him, was one of my favourite science teachers by the end of school) had recently lost his very religious mother. I still dont know if he was a believer himself - never asked.

I do know that some of the teachers were not believers, but they assured me that if they were found saying so, they would lose their jobs.
Doubting Thomas
Yes, nothing like forced patriotism, aka fascism.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
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