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OMG let me pick up my brain off the floor after this
this is unbelievable.

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Good googly moogly.

It's like he said, "Lemme see how many lies I can fit into 3:38 and how many believe them."

ha ha ha "googly moogly" where do you come up with them.
I think he got it from the character 'Grady' on the Sanford & Son TV series. There was also a short-lived spinoff called Grady.
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"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
I remember Frank Zappa used to use 'great googly moogly' on his albums, don't know if he got it from somewhere.
Zappa, I think, used 'Great Boogly Moogly' but I may be mistaken. I know that Weird Al used great boogly moogly in his tribute song to Zappa, 'Genius in France'. But we digress.

This idiot overlooks his own logic in my mind. (to use his terminology) If everything was created by an omnipotent intelligence wouldn't it be more ordered than it is? He uses the logic that because the universe is total chaos that it had to be created by an ordered mind. Oh, pardon, did I use the word logic? Sorry!
Retraction: After googling "Genius in France" I must report that the phrase WAS 'Great Googly Moogly'.

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