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found the culprit.


Skeeve wrote:
Yes, I get one and it's from this thread.

Download source  Code

I don't have a clue what it is.

Type = frame, and it's blocked because it was included in the default block list from ABP.

This one is on the Front Page:

Download source  Code

This is on the Forum page:

Download source  Code

Wish I knew what the hell it meant.

the main difference here Skeeve is you don't get the l in front of the http like I did. That "i" one vertical line means something like it's b lockable. Yet the other addresses for this same site didn't all have the "i" and still they were blocked????
Oops sorry I got pissed waiting for this stupid puter to hurry up and post and double clicked too many times and ended up double posting..

Ok Skeeve what the hell is SiteMeter? and are you referring to it being on this site and preventing me from seeing my pictures I post or the other site you showed me?
Edited by Sinny on 04/10/2010 12:53
SiteMeter is something used to show who visits websites. Apparently, it also embeds that link.

A quick Google and I found out that a lot of sites have had trouble with it, so I removed it.

As far as your picture problem, I don't think they're related. But because of your problem, I went looking around with ABP and found that embedded link.
Any luck with this, Sinny?
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