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Whoo boy, they really ARE ready for the rapture
I made my forum rounds tonight and decided to stop in and see how the rapture was coming along.

I wasn't disappointed.


Whatcha gonna do when ya git to heaven?

I plan to talk with Jesus for a LONG time. I'll ask a ton of questions no one ccould answer on earth, like is there really anything in Loch Ness? After staring like a lost puppy into His gorgeous eyes(?) for a long time, I'll test out my new body and fly around, listen to the angels sing, and marvel at the strange ones like the seraphim.


I will scrub the floors of heaven with a toothbrush if that is what God wants me to do. Just to be in heaven with Him, with Jesus, for eternity, will be such a relief, that that is all that will matter.

Probably wash Heaven's floors with my tears of Joy and sense of unmerited blessedness for the first 1000 years, joining the million man chorus affirming I was the wretch the song is about, then migrating into praise to the Lamb slain for mankind and worthy to rule, then begging to see the Fulfillment of His Word from the instant we left, His Truth vindicated, His Mercy extended admidst unbelief and His final Victory over satan. To ride in His army shouting praise and sing to His Excellence.

Then maybe, if I have the time, do some serious painting and model railroading - 1:1 scale.

Priorities are important

I will run to Jesus and Hug him and fall down at his feet and thank him for all he done for me , and kiss those nail scarred hands.........

I just don't know. We have had many many many discussions on this board about this very subject!

Sometimes I think I will pass-out at Jesus' feet.

I am hoping that I don't act like a complete idiot!

Nah - seriously; I think all of us are going to be bowing down and thanking Jesus for Saving us. I think we will all be in awe of His Majesty and His Glory. One look into His beautiful eyes and everything will be understood and changed in an instant!!

We will finally feel secure 1000%!!! No more fear. No more heartache. No more sin. No more pain.

We will have our glorified bodies as well and will be able to finally hug and embrace our Savior. It brings me to tears just thinking about it! What a wonderful day that will be! I long for it so much!!

But after that - when we have been there 10,000 years; I want to see everything!

I want to meet all the heros from the Bible.

I also love the idea of running my fingers through the mane of a lion. I have always loved lions!! All the cats as a matter of fact.

And play with baby sheep! I adore little baby sheep. They are so cute. And swim with dolphins and killer whales! And hold an eagle on my arm.

And eat really good food! I'd like a really nice garden.

And play football without getting hurt!

Ohh ohh, a pony too! I wanna pony, Jesus! And ice cream!

I picture that right after we are raptured and the Lord brings us home, that there will be a HUGE praise service--singing with the saints of old, the angels, and the raptured saints. Music like we've never heard before, all giving praise to Jesus for what He has done for us. After that, I'm sure there will be a line to see Jesus face to face. How that will work, no one knows, but somehow mixed in with waiting to see Jesus, I hope to meet my 2 kids we lost in miscarriage, my grandparents, father-in-law, cousin, etc.--meet the family members who have gone on before us. I picture the last one I miscarried (boy) who would be 5 right now, to take my hand and say "C'mon Mom, let me show you around". After meeting Jesus, I know there will be the marriage supper of the Lamb in there somewhere, and I'm sure we will be aware of what is happening on Earth. We will have to be ready for Armageddon, but in the meantime I'm not sure what to expect. Will it be some rest from the stress of life here in the last days? Will the Lord have jobs/work for us to do right away? Will we get to freely explore heaven for a bit? Who knows, but I do know that however it works out, we will have perfect joy, perfect peace, perfect love, perfect fellowship and that it will only be the very beginning of a very long and joyous eternity with our Lord and with His children. Makes things on Earth truly pale in comparison!

I want to be the quarterback for "Heavenly Harmony" or the starting point guard for the "Halleiujah Hope's" professional sport teams.

I love playing Football and Basketball. I'm just not sure if and how that works with heavenly bodies.

I'm sure the Lord has something far better in mind and I'm totally down with whatever He has in mind.

I already enjoy serving Him and look forward to my heavenly assignments.

Notice a common thread among these? "I want..."
Greedy bastards.

After a VERY long time on my face before my Savior with the placed the crowns at His feet, (they're His after all, couldn't have received one without receiving Him, right?) I hope to hear the best words that could ever be spoken to me..."Well done thy good and faithful servant"...

dude God is GOD he can hug everysingle one of us at the same time and not be awkward! omnipotence is probably gonna be our favorite quality about him hahahah cuz everyones gonna wanna be like "YO!!!!!!!!!! ME NEXT!!!!!!" so we all can hug em at the same time hahaha who knows he might give us the gift of omnipotence also IDK but that would be cool if everybody huged everybody at the same time because of omnipotence. that would be legit. i would laugh and stuff.

man i cant' wait to see my jesus. i'm not even gonna attempt to describe what its prolly gonna be like because i'm sure our limited languages cannot even describe the molecules he created up there, let alone the Lord and just chillin with him!

Run straight to the LORD, kneel(sp) at HIS feet, and never let go!!!

I just want to be as close to God as possible. I can't imagine anything that I want other than that. My soul is like a puzzle with many missing pieces. He is all those pieces. Until I see Him, I won't be whole...there will never be anything or anyone who will satisfy...there will always be that craving and that hole...until then.

Freudian eroticism?

Well, as for me I will probably spend the first thousand years or so prostrate and crying before Him so you all don't step on me please as you approach to meet Him in person!

I will do God's will in Heaven, I have often asked God to forgive me and just make me a door-stop in heaven (something simple and meaningless, a reflection of my life here on earth), I do not care what Our Heavenly Father finds useful for me, as long as I am there for him...

You guys will wish to be in line before me, because Jesus is all mine.No seriously back off he's mine

When I get to heaven... Praising and worshiping my Lord, IN PERSON!! Enjoying my new body, seeing family and friends, singing in the heavenly choir.... But I can hardly wait for our return to the "New Earth"... Oh to see and experience this beautiful planet that has been cleansed of sin, and made "anew". I pray the Lord places me in the garden (Eden) to tend to the plants and animals there, I dream of sitting in the garden, listening to Jesus during story time, having conversations with all the Bible characters, IN PERSON!! Walking the streets of "New Jerusalem", basking in God's warm loving light. An eternity of peace, love, laughter, happiness, sin free..... AMEN!

And ice cream? AMEN

I know this may sound silly, but I've actually thought about and prayed about this...I know whatever it is He would have me to do, would be beyond my wildest imagining...I told Him I wouldn't mind writing prose in praise to His name, and also I'd like to be involved in anything musical - singing, playing instruments, etc. I'm getting teary-eyed (in a good way) thinking about it..

More than anything I see myself just staring into the eyes of Jesus. I can't imagine how I'd feel to look into the windows of the most beautiful, perfect, awesome soul to ever exist. I'd be looking at who created everything, who has perfect wisdom, unending patience, and unconditional love. Sometimes I get so jealous of the people who lived when Jesus was here the first time who were able to do this. This jealousy is erased knowing I'll have the opportunity very soon.

More creepy stuff

1. I plan to look up all my ancestors to see who all is there and I want to hear all their life stories.
2. I want to see a movie of some sort to see exactly how creation happened.
3. I want to be shown all the events in my earthly life when there was angelic intervention of which I was unaware.
4. I want to see the impact that our prayers had.
5. I want to take classes on EVERYTHING and learn all sorts of interesting things. I want to explore everything.

I think this person has doubts about their faith

I plan to praise, worship, thank, and embrace our Savior Jesus first .... then weep at His feet for quite a while.

I just can't even imagine it. I really don't know how I'll be able to do anything for a long, long time other than fall on the floor before Jesus and praise Him and thank Him and cry tears of profound joy and gratitude.

I would love to write and play songs for my Jesus, explore His Kingdom, and stand in awe before my Savior. I also would love to do architecture in Heaven, can you imagine the building materials I get to work with?? But, most of all, I will spend eternity thanking Him and giving Him the glory!

This really is a mental disorder. I keep thinking of these as "Letters to Santa Claus".

Okay, here is the one that really takes it:

steve53 wrote:

You mean after I get off my knees before Jesus?

I may be there on my knees for a while.

Then when I get up, I'd like to embrace Him for a while.

Then when I'm done embracing Him I would like to thank Him for a while.

When I'm done thanking Him I will Praise Him for a while.

The praising will never end and I'm glad forever is a long while.

I think it moved a little after those first two lines.
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
Crap! They all ought to do each other a favor and kill each other to hasten their departure. What a bunch of dumb fucks.
Bob of QF
Thats certainly a list of some sick, egomaniacal fucks.
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Really. I hope that doesn't represent the future.
Interesting that only one of the people referred to what normal humans would describe as pleasurable activities. The one who wanted to play football and basketball. Even he/she wished they would be a star.

Why is it that the christian heaven is so inhuman.
Great, Christians wet dreaming for their favorite fairy tales to come true.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
Sock Puppet
The part of the church service that was the most tedious was the hymn singing. The whole thing was a relief to be done with, but at least when the singing was over I got to sit down and pretend to listen to the sermon while I took a nap.

Apparently, the hymn singing part of the Heavenly service goes on forever. And this is the reward for accepting Jesus.

I'll take the red-hot pitchforks up the butt, thanks.
I thought the hymn singing part was the best, but that is because I liked to practice sight-singing and try to read the parts no one else was singing, especially the tenor part. The lyrics left a lot to be desired, but some of the harmony was nice. After that, it was sleepy time down South.

(And there is nothing like the pipe organ sound. It will test your speaker system for low-frequency response like nothing else, short of an audio frequency generator.)
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