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Kowboy Visits the Vet
"Kowboy has a blocked urethra."


I dont know if I can read further.
Bob of QF
Sucks, man.... glad your kid [cat] is gonna be okay, though.

I know exactly how much cats can represent...

I'm currently owned by two myself.
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[quote]Kowboy wrote:
Kowboy: That was indeed excellently written. I can empathize with you concerning the finances. I had a cat named Hobble who had a malignant swelling appear on the outside of one of her thighs. As it kept reappearing, I had it removed by the vet four times. The last time he did it, the vet told me that he wouldn't be able to do it again because there was no skin left to repair it. When it reappeared a fifth time, I had to have her euthanized. At least she was 14 years, 11 months old. It still hurts to think about it.

I'm glad your beautiful cat's expensive veterinary treatment had a happier ending!
Having to make the decision to have a seriously ill or injured pet euthanized is an extremely difficult and emotionally wrenching thing to have to do. It isn't quite so difficult in the sense that you know you're doing the best thing for the animal, but it is absolutely the hardest in every other way.

I'm so glad we can make these decisions for animals. Now if we could just get to a place in society where we can make the same decision for ourselves and have assistance rather than resistance.

But, that's another topic for another thread, and one I think we've touched on a couple of times.
Glad to hear Kowboy is going to be alright.

This is why I won't have pets until I'm rich and famous.

I don't even have health insurance for myself, so I can't take on the responsibility of another being.
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Ouch, that's a punch to the stomach. Glad to hear Kowboy is otherwise okay.
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Kowboy came home tonight and seems to be in good spirits. He tried to pee in his new private litterbox, but just a dribble. His appetite is good; he pushed Monster out of the food dish and Monster hissed at his rudeness. I took him away and fed him his exclusive prescription canned cat food. He was quite pleased. He apparently passed the sniff test administered by Charlie and Monster after dinner.

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