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Cats Don't Give a f*!#
These cats may not give a flyin' frick, but I know our cat Maggie would never tolerate this kind of humiliation! But not only do some of these cats look like they don't give a f*!#, some of them actually look like they're enjoying the attention. lol.


And my personal favorites:


These cats may not give a F*#% but they MAY give a fat rat's ass! Or not. Very cute pictures Patia. The Catman will probably approve.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
My cat wouldn't put up with any of that! There is a weird thing about piling stuff up on cats that's been going on for a while. It's amusing, but I wonder what's up with those cats to let it happen!
lol, I agree Cat. There's no amusement in this for the cats, but for the most part all these seem to be purrrfectly content and not seeming to mind in the least.

Some cats like to be inside of things or surrounded by something, like being under the covers on a bed, in boxes, etc. So maybe that's part of it, and maybe they feel some warmth from being covered by - whatever.

And some of them may like the attention and not care so much about the form of it.

Then there are cats like Maggie. She's very dignified and only very occasionally has interest in permitting any such human whims as this kind of thing.
I don't think it's cruel. It's essentailly harmless. Most cats like to get inside boxes, paper bags, etc., but that's their choice. I don't think I've ever had a cat that would let me pile stuff onto it. Very weird!
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