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Poll: Aiken City Council Prayers
FFRF has challenged the Aiken, SC city council over prayers before the start of their meetings. Apparently, many of these prayers include the word 'Jesus' or 'in our son's name', or other wording which seems to favor christianity over any other religion.

Following is a link to an article in the Aiken Standard, and you can cast your vote for how you think the city council should handle praying at their meetings.

Please vote! The question is 'Should the City of Aiken open meetings with a prayer?'. The votes for 'Nothing at all. Get down to business' have been in the majority for the last several days, but the votes for 'Yes, it should be a christian prayer' and Yes, but it should not reference a specific religion' have been steadily and quickly increasing. 'No, they should have a moment of silence' is also one of the four choices.

You can vote once per day and I'm not sure how long the poll will remain open. Obviously christians are telling other christians about the poll and I'd really like to see many more of us who know our government officials should be upholding the separation of state and church passing along the link and voting too.

I hope we can keep the 'Nothing at all. Get down to business' votes in the majority.

Here's the link: http://www.aikens...cil-Prayer
I voted today and intend to continue to do so as long as possible.
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