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KSWO News has shitty reporting
It really annoys me when people are being pig ignorant with respect to common decency. I think a lot of it is a product of the blame culture perpetuated by lawsuits.

In many cases now truth is not the best policy and can land you with hefty fines or prison sentences. So as a knock on effect, people seem to deploy this wanton disregard for humility, decency and chivalry across the board in all aspects of public life.

I also dont understand how two people, speaking of couples here, can get into such a state that they are screaming at each other in the street. Maybe im an odd ball.
I wonder what has become of personal and social integrity.
I think constant televised war has something to do with it.

Governments speak of debate, the democratic method and unity in a global market place, yet fund terrorist organisations that once beyond their control they decry as evil and throw soldiers at the country, irrespective if the declared evil dictator has any sway with the population as a whole.
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