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Mommasquirrel 1,2&3

That's pretty cool.

Good for her.
Ditto. (But I'm not a "dittohead".)
Was the dog being playful or actually trying to hurt the little one?

Either way, he may think twice about doing that again.
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It's hard to tell from looking at the photos whether the dog was playing or trying to attack, but the one with the rear end up in the air, and the tail slightly up suggests s/he could have been playing and being inquisitive.

Either way, no doubt the dog was also being nosey, and both the mama and baby squirrels had no choice but to perceive the dog as a threat - if for no other reasons than the size of the dog, and that the squirrels probably don't even know what the dog is (obviously).

Heh heh, but yeah, the dog may still be curious, but may be a lot more cautious about investigating too closely in the future.
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