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Christians Attack Yoga
This is ridiculous. Many people practice yoga solely for the physical benefits, and many also derive some psychological/emotional/mental benefits as well - as can be the case from other forms of physical exercise.

Even if christians, or other theists, get some kind of 'spiritual' gain from yoga, so what? Wouldn't they consider 'more', or additional spiritualism, better? An enhancement to what they already practice?

The things and ways some religionists find to criticize and even discriminate against are endless.


Southern Baptist leader nixes yoga for Christians

Albert Mohler: The body is not a 'vehicle for reaching consciousness with the divine'


updated 10/7/2010 8:54:03 AM ET

LOUISVILLE, Ky. A Southern Baptist leader who is calling for Christians to avoid yoga and its spiritual attachments is getting plenty of pushback from enthusiasts who defend the ancient practice.

Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler says the stretching and meditative discipline derived from Eastern religions is not a Christian pathway to God.

Mohler said he objects to "the idea that the body is a vehicle for reaching consciousness with the divine."

"That's just not Christianity," Mohler told The Associated Press.

Mohler said feedback has come through e-mail and comments on blogs and other websites since he wrote an essay to address questions about yoga he has heard for years.

"I'm really surprised by the depth of the commitment to yoga found on the part of many who identify as Christians," Mohler said.

Yoga fans say their numbers have been growing in the U.S. A 2008 study by the Yoga Journal put the number at 15.8 million, or nearly 7 percent of adults. About 6.7 percent of American adults are Southern Baptists, according to a 2007 survey by the Pew Research Center Forum on Religion & Public Life.

Mohler argued in his online essay last month that Christians who practice yoga "must either deny the reality of what yoga represents or fail to see the contradictions between their Christian commitments and their embrace of yoga."

He said his view is "not an eccentric Christian position."

Other Christian leaders have said practicing yoga is incompatible with the teachings of Jesus. Pat Robertson has called the chanting and other spiritual components that go along with yoga "really spooky." California megachurch pastor John MacArthur called yoga a "false religion." Muslim clerics have banned Muslims from practicing yoga in Egypt, Malaysia and Indonesia, citing similar concerns.

Yoga proponents say the wide-ranging discipline, which originated in India, offers physical and mental healing through stretching poses and concentration.

"Lots of people come to yoga because they are often in chronic pain. Others come because they think it's a nice workout," said Allison Terracio, who runs the Infinite Bliss studio in Louisville.

'Opened my spirit'
And some yoga studios have made the techniques more palatable for Christians by removing the chanting and associations to eastern religions, namely Hinduism and its multiple deities.

Stephanie Dillon, who has injected Christian themes into her studio in Louisville, said yoga brought her closer to her Christian faith, which had faded after college and service in the Army.

"What I found is that it opened my spirit, it renewed my spirituality," Dillon said. "That happened first and then I went back to church." Dillon attends Southeast Christian Church in Louisville and says many evangelical Christians from the church attend her yoga classes.

She said she prayed on the question of whether to mix yoga and Christianity before opening her studio, PM Yoga, where she discusses her relationship with Jesus during classes.

"My objection (to Mohler's view) personally is that I feel that yoga enhances a person's spirituality," Dillon said. "I don't like to look at religion from a law standpoint but a relationship standpoint, a relationship with Jesus Christ specifically."

Mohler wrote the essay after reading "The Subtle Body," where author Stefanie Syman traces the history of yoga in America. Syman noted the growing popularity of yoga in the U.S. by pointing out that first lady Michelle Obama has added it to the festivities at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn.

Mohler said many people have written him to say they're simply doing exercises and forgoing yoga's eastern mysticism and meditation.

"My response to that would be simple and straightforward: You're just not doing yoga," Mohler said.
The Southern Baptists regard it as a threat to their monopoly on spirituality for their sheeple.
Bob of QF
Before I left the club, many of my more liberal (theologically) compatriots often advocated yoga and yoga-like activities.

The church I was attending at the time, was middle-of-the-road theologically, with the majority of the ministers leaning to the liberal-dogma side of things.

As such, some of them advocated yoga exercising as positive physical/spiritual activities-- to be encouraged. Those that were not direct advocates at least did not criticize the practice.

That's liberal belief for you-- fairly open to new ideas.

Of course? Some of these yoga-promoting ministers would, off the record (i.e. not in the pulpit) allow that christianity is not the sole owner of spiritual journeys.

It should be noted, that these people also reject the notions of hell entirely-- they cannot abide the thought of a god who would not extend the ideas of forgiveness and reconciliation well into the afterlife.

One reason why I still get along with several, even now. Smile

But as for the baptist-critic?

Are you surprised? He sees yoga as a direct threat to his lucrative income source....

... as always, follow the money.

Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Interesting when you think about it. Christianity rejects the physical world as evil, yoga emphasizes physicality as a path to spiritual enlightenment.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
It just amazes me that Yogi Bear could invent such a detailed exercise regeime between stealing pick-a-nic baskets and looking after Cindy.
Iys not as amazing as the thought of following a disciple named Boo-boo.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
I was watching a loooong five part documentary (pffff, a severe lack of evidence and facts) about Atlantis - well I thought it was going to be, turned out to be 5 hours of grade-A bullshitters and top draw con artists.

So the usual Illuminati, Hollow earth, space alien seeding Earth stuff came out and then it finished on meditation and Yoga.

And do you know what, although its a load of shit, and tends to drain the head of cerebrospinal fluid to replace it with air - I have to say I prefer it to Christianity.

Why? Because it keeps them at home, sat on their arses and saying very little. Christianity could learn a hell of a lot from them.

Oh, a really good bit in it was a woman channeling aliens from the fifth dimension in a broken Anglo-Indian accent. Apparently she is a chosen guide selected to enlighten the world and spread the word of these other dimensional beings - all for a small fee ofcourse - bitch-gotta-eat.
Doubting Thomas
From what I've seen, most mainstream Christians seem to think that this pastor is full of shit. But yes, he is afraid that he's going to lose his monopoly on religious BS.

I guess, though, that the main message I got from this pastor was, "Only my irrational, superstitious beliefs are valid!"
Edited by Doubting Thomas on 10/18/2010 18:14
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
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