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Christine O'Donnell doesn't know church/state separation
Doubting Thomas

This shouldn't surprise anyone, but Christine O'Donnell, or as I like to call her, Palin 2.0, wasn't aware of church/state separation in the First Amendment. Of course, knowing her voter base they either don't understand it either, or don't care. It seems like most of the tea partiers are a bunch of Christian nationalists whose idea of "taking back America" mean taking us back to the 1950's where everyone went to church, women wore dresses, nobody had premarital sex, nobody was gay, and there were no single mothers. Of course this conservative utopia never existed, but that seems to be what they want. Otherwise people like Christine O'Donnell wouldn't win a nomination.
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Bob of QF
Yeah, I saw more about this elsewhere-- O'Donnell is an ignorant asshole, no two ways about that.
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