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ISS Photos
Astronauts Tweet photos from ISS (I just love it when they give us such cool pictures!).

Hypatia: Beautiful stuff. Moscow at night looked like a spider web! The Aurora Australis shot was lovely, as was Mount Fuji. I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff...thanks!
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People of my generation are somewhat spoiled by the current achievements of science and technology.

To think there are millions upon millions of people alive now, that were born in a time that had not yet seen space travel, communicated remotely at near light speed, nor imagined f4c3b00k.

I just hope there is similar world altering developments in my lifetime.
Eh, just when we think technology has become so cool and advanced someone comes up with some way to either make something better or makes something entirely new - again and again.

Still, every once in a while I think there must be some areas where we've thought of or done just about everything we can (maybe some non-tech type things) and that no one is going to come up with anything thats really new.
T E oddly enough I was talking today about the pace of technological advance. I was born before television was advanced to the place where it was within the reach of ordinary people. I can vaguely remember the first TV in our house with its essentially round screen. The first plane I flew on was a DC-3 and that only because my father worked for an airline and could get free fares. Airline fares are still high but no longer out of reach of all but the rich. I am, or was, an engineer. The first calculator I used was a huge mechanical one and could only multiply and divide. I have seen a linotype (interesting that the spell checking here does not recognize the word) machine in operation although it was almost obsolete when I did circa 1970.

Yes I have seen significant technological advancement. But the discussion I had today actually centered on what my parents had seen. The perfection (?) of the automobile and its ready availability to most. Communication by telephone becoming available to most if not all. Fuel being readily distributed over long distances reducing the reliance on wood and coal. Metal alloys that can withstand very different circumstances than iron or other pure metals can.

Ever since the industrial revolution technological change has been dramatic. I see no particular reason why that should not continue to be the case with the possible exception of where we have reached human and physical limits, such as space travel. Or a more frightening limit, that of the earths capacity to absorb human punishment. A limit that may be alleviated by technological advances.
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